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Name: Deborah Walsh
Time/Date Entered: 7:13 PM  -  5 Sep 2017
Gaspe Connection: My ancestors moved to New Richmond in the 1800s
Town/Village/Area: New Richmond
Primary Family Names: Walsh Foran
Secondary Family Names: Lynd
Time Period: 1800 - 1900
Particulars: My gg grandfather, Michael Walsh was born in New Richmond. His parents were Patrick Walsh and Bridget Foran. He married Catherine Lynd and my g grandfather was their youngest son.

Name: kenneth thomas lyons
Time/Date Entered: 12:33 PM  -  15 Aug 2017
Gaspe Connection: eva waldron, nee Stewart
Town/Village/Area: York Centre
Primary Family Names: stewart
Secondary Family Names: starnes, sherar, mckinnon
Time Period: 1777-2017
Particulars: Yikes, sorry, Sterling teas and coffee, Thomas Waldron, being the founder in Montreal, Mary McKinnon, the wife of John Stewart, sailor and father of Charles., Jane Stewart, sister, not dau of Charles Stewart.

Name: kenneth thomas lyons
Time/Date Entered: 12:17 PM  -  15 Aug 2017
Gaspe Connection: eva waldron, nee Stewart
Town/Village/Area: York Centre
Primary Family Names: stewart, waldron, starnes, sherar, caldwell, mckin
Secondary Family Names: melvin, sprong, sheddon, mcvey, shearer
Time Period: 1777-2017
Particulars: Correction to my blurb of aug 14, 2017, James Stewart of Town of Gaspe, son of annabella stewart, she the dau of rev charles stewart and annabella campbell, james married bridget o'hara, peter was this annabella's brother and was chief justice in st.john's isl, he never came to gaspe. Now, details prev omitted, john stewart and Mary Mckinnon were parents of Charles Stewart, the grandfather of my grandmother, eva waldron, nee stewart, she born in york centre, moved i believe with her Uncle Philip Stewart and family when they moved to montreal, which is whetewhere she met and married John Stanley Waldron, son of Thomas Eslron and Susan Gore, Thomas being the founder of Stetling teas and coffee in montreal and later taking a few of his family to vancouver to establish the business there as well, his sons Percy and Clifford Waldron to maintain the business in montreal. Charles stewart had 3 siblings, jane stewart, john sedding stewart, b 10 jul 1822 in new carlisle, and adam, b 18 dec 1824. Charles married margaret maria starnes, note crrection from prev info, 1848, she was dau of philip starnes, b 1796, and mary jane sherar, b 1801 , philip stanes was son of daniel starnes and jane sprong, while mary jane was the dau of james sherar and margaret mcVey, b 1770 in Sdotland, d 1846, and james the son of thomas sherar and jeanne melvin, another loyalist family to new carlisle. Mary mcKinnon was dau of neil mckinnon and margaret sheddon. Finally jane stewart dau of charles, m. James caldwell 16 jan 1840 in new carlisle. Still need to figure out link of the veuve stewart and james stewart from paspebiac 1777 census to john stewart of new carlisle. I thinking best bet james and the veuve stewart might derive from dispatched soldiers 78th fraser highlanders, there is new info out this year canada 150 with names of some of the english and scottish soldiers who were at quebec, on the plaines of abraham.

Name: kenneth lyons
Time/Date Entered: 10:47 PM  -  14 Aug 2017
Gaspe Connection: eva stewart
Town/Village/Area: york centre
Primary Family Names: stewart, starnes,
Secondary Family Names: sherar
Time Period: 1777-2017
Particulars: Eva Stewart raised by grandfather, Charles Stewart, whaler, in York Centre, where he migrated in his sailing vessel, the John Stewart, sometime after his marriage to Maria Starnes in 1848 in New Carlisle, where Charles was born in 1819. Maria Starnes also was born in New Carlisle, of loyalist descent. Charles father was John Stewart, on Charles and Maria's marriage certificate, it states that Charles' father John was a sailor and was also 'lifelong' of the Gaspe, i take that to mean that John was also born in the Gaspe. The census of 1824 has John listed as the head of a family of 4 in New Carlisle, Charles born 1819, a girl whose name escapes me just now but who did marry, and two other sons, Adam and John Sedding. In the census of 1831, there is no trace of the father John, nor of the sons Adam or John Sedding, it is a mystery, all that be certain is that Charles named his ship the John Stewart. Charles ship evented met its end by fire while docked in Halifax, which likely ended Charles career as a whaler. Back in 2012, when i first posted to this registry, i had assumed that Charles was a descendent of the rev. Charles Stewart of Scotland, whose wife, a Stewart only by marriage, still she had Stewart blood in her and was a descendant of the kings Robert, 1, 2, 3 of scotland and england as well as of some early kings of Ireland. The rev Charles Stewart had many of his children migrate to what was then named St John's Island, all of which is well documented in the webpages pertaining to the descendants of the Rev Charles Stewart of Scotland. What is of interest to the Gaspe is that Anabella Stewart, the daughter of Rev Charles Stewart married Robert Stewart, a different family of Stewarts from the ile of bute, this Robert was the first speaker of the house in St. John's isl, i guess after the British took over from the french, who had previously named it Ile St. Jean. Annabella was not well treated after her husband Robert passed away, and lost entitlement to the lands in St. John's island previously possessed by her husband. Whether for that reason or not, she migrated to the Gaspe and died and was buried there in 1818, at Stewart's Brook cemetary, high above the Bay of Chaleur, in what i believe is now St Omer. Her two sons, Matthew and Peter became residents of the Gaspe, quite sometime before Anabella arrived there. I had assumed that my grandmother Eva was descended from either Mathew or Peter, but i believe this is not the case. Mathew established himself in Nouvelle, near New Brunswick, early census had him with a household of 13 including he, his wife and at least 8 children whom i was able to identify through records. The lastest of these born circa 1810, whereas Charles born in New Carlisle 1819, wrong timeline, wrong town. Peter Stewart established himself in town of Gaspe, married Brigit O'Hara of the famous O'Hara family, had some 7 children but i could find no church records for the names, births or deaths of these children, but again wrong town. Mathew Stewart was a well known fisherman of tbe time, also owned his own ship, had establishedbhimself in the Gaspe at an early age, even before the american revolution, he second only in reputation probably to the famous jersey fisherman Charles Robin, whom he knew well, Mathew had purchased the Seigneury of Shoolbred, adjacent to Nouvelle, where he lived as a prominent businessman and Seigneur. So i am now left assuming that i am descended from either James Stewart, who is listed in a census of 1777, ie pre loyalist, they arrived and established New Carlisle in mid 80's, he is said to have 3 sons, as per the census, or from the veuve (widow) Stewart, also listed in the 1777 census of Paspebiac, note only 19 families all others french names in that census, she also with 3 boys

Name: Kevin Girard
Time/Date Entered: 3:30 PM  -  17 Jul 2017
Gaspe Connection: gggg-grandfather emigrated there
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Girard
Secondary Family Names: Rooney
Time Period: 1845-
Particulars: Jean-Guillaume Girard emigrated to Mal-Baie between 1765 and 1845 and my grandfather Gordon Girard eventually left for Montreal between 1955 and 1965.

Name: Lauren Collyer
Time/Date Entered: 2:49 PM  -  17 Jul 2017
Gaspe Connection: Marie Doucet
Town/Village/Area: Pointe à la Garde / Escuminac
Primary Family Names: Doucet
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: late 1800s, early 1900s
Particulars: Marie Doucet(te) (also known as Minnie) Born: 1889, Pointe a la Garde, Quebec Parents: Henri Doucet & Jeanne (nee ?) Religion: Presbyterian Married: 1911, Joseph Mirabelli (Maltese immigrant)

Name: Tamara Eden
Time/Date Entered: 1:26 AM  -  13 Jul 2017
Gaspe Connection: grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Eden
Secondary Family Names: none
Time Period: any to present
Particulars: looking for family history from my grandfather and mother.... his name was whawell(warrell "Red") lloyd eden born july,25,1924. was a police officer in montreal for a time as well. any help is appreciated!

Name: Jan Boucher
Time/Date Entered: 12:16 PM  -  22 Jun 2017
Gaspe Connection: birth family
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe, Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Gerard
Secondary Family Names: Mulrooney
Time Period: 1950 to present
Particulars: Maria Alice VIVIAN MULROONEY was born in 1922 in Douglastown, and buried there in 1994. Her parents were Joseph Ambrose Mulrooney (1888), and Eliza Ann Mulrooney, I believe both passing away in Gaspe. VIVIAN MULROONEY was married in 1942 to William/Bill Gerard in Douglastown. VIVIAN and BILL GERARD had at least two sons (the oldest Mark?), born in the early 1950s I believe in Gaspe. There may have been a daughter born in the 50's as well. Bill may have worked in, or owned a garage/car dealership in Gaspe in the 1950s. I believe I am related to this family, and would very much like to contact them. Any information is appreciated.

Name: Roger Mahar
Time/Date Entered: 3:22 PM  -  14 Jun 2017
Gaspe Connection: father born in Gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Douglasstown
Primary Family Names: Mahar
Secondary Family Names: Maher
Time Period: 1925
Particulars: I dont know much just told my father"s Father was born in Gaspe his name was Napoleon hoping to find out more information

Name: Joan LeBlanc Johnston
Time/Date Entered: 3:41 PM  -  19 May 2017
Gaspe Connection: ancestors
Town/Village/Area: Maria/Carleton
Primary Family Names: LeBlanc
Secondary Family Names: Boudreau
Time Period: 
Particulars: Looking for my great grandparent Pierre LeBlanc born 1870 and Rose Delima Boudreau born 1864 daughter of Jacques dit James Boudreau and Emilie Lapointe . I cannot find when Rose Delima died?

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