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Name: Holly Hackett
Time/Date Entered: 10:48 PM  -  7 Jan 2003
Gaspe Connection: Born in Gaspe, and my parents and grandparents,
Town/Village/Area: York-(Brasset)
Primary Family Names: Hackett
Secondary Family Names: Hill, Parker, Tozier
Time Period: 1812
Particulars: Searching mainly for a Hugh Hackett who is listed on the muster roll of Douglastown for the year of 1812. Would like to find out where he orginally came from! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Name: Sheila
Time/Date Entered: 1:07 AM  -  3 Jan 2003
Gaspe Connection: Mother born there
Town/Village/Area: Barachois, Belle Anse, Malbay, Gaspe, areas
Primary Family Names: Lucas, Devouge(s)
Secondary Family Names: Girard, Hotton, Lepage, Johnson, Chicoine, Tapp
Time Period: From as early as possible
Particulars: I have quite a bit of information on the Lucas family, but have many cracks to be filled in. I have some information on the other lines, but need a lot more to be able to fill in my tree properly. Is there someone out there that I can share info with so that we can be of help to each other?

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