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Name: Robert Charles McKinnon
Time/Date Entered: 7:12 PM  -  29 Jun 2003
Gaspe Connection: Father born in Oak Bay
Town/Village/Area: Oak Bay Quebec
Primary Family Names: Andrew McKinnon (grandfather)
Secondary Family Names: Charles Wesley McKinnon 1898-1989
Time Period: Pre 1900
Particulars: My father Charles Wesley McKinnon was born in Oak Bay June 18,1898. I'd like to find out what his mothers first and maiden name was.Also any info on my grandfather Andrew and where they are buried.

Name: Gary Hedley Le Gresley
Time/Date Entered: 6:52 AM  -  16 Jun 2003
Email: or
Gaspe Connection: Father: Hedley Ernest Le Gresley
Town/Village/Area: Cape Cove, Gaspe, Que
Primary Family Names: Le Gresley and Binet
Secondary Family Names: Bisson, LeBoutillier
Time Period: 1913
Particulars: My family originally came from Jersey, Channel Isles and took up residence in the Gaspe. My father's parents were John Francis and Henrietta Kate Le Gresley. My Father had three sisters, Florence, Marjorie and Kathleen. Six brothers Arthur, Percy, Harold, Ralph, Leonard & Kenneth. My Father married his first cousin Ruth May Binet from St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles. Dec 1945. I was born in Montreal, Que, May 19, 1949. I am currently residing in Campbell River, B.C. As a child my family and I spent our summers in the Gaspe visting with my Father's siblings. I have very fond memories of Gascon, Port Daniel, Chandler, Perce Rock, Fox River, Pabos, and the town of Gaspe. My Aunt Florence was married to Ernest LeMarquand then to James Watt. I hope this information is helpful to expanding the Genealogy Register of Gaspe. If you wish to speak with me please call (250)287-7327

Name: Linda MacPherson-Lavigne
Time/Date Entered: 8:15 AM  -  11 Jun 2003
Gaspe Connection: g-grandfathers, g-grandmothers
Town/Village/Area: Newport, Paspebiac, Pabos, Bonaventure
Primary Family Names: Traverse, Mauger, Loiselle, Chatterton
Secondary Family Names: Smith, Townsend, Guignard
Time Period: 
Particulars: I have a lot of information so I am just looking to tie up some loose ends and double check with what I have. I am with the New Brunswick Genealogy Society and Restigouch Society. If anyone needs help from over here, Dalhousie, N.B., just e-mail me.

Name: Macy Thiesen
Time/Date Entered: 11:04 AM  -  7 Jun 2003
Gaspe Connection: grandmother born there
Town/Village/Area: Nouvelle
Primary Family Names: Kearney, Leclerc dit Francoeur
Secondary Family Names: Allard, Enright, Arsenault
Time Period: 1800-1900
Particulars: Researching Patrick Kearney, born 1878, son of John and Eleonore Allard, married 1900 to Agnes Leclerc dit francoeur, daughter of Anselme and Tatienne Levasseur

Name: Malcolm MacPherson
Time/Date Entered: 8:25 PM  -  28 May 2003
Gaspe Connection: great grandmother
Town/Village/Area: we believe gaspe
Primary Family Names: Her name was Annie Dann
Secondary Family Names: Broom and Arquimeau
Time Period: 1750 onwards
Particulars: My mother is a piche. Her mother (my grandmother) was a beauchamp. My great grandmother's name was Annie Dann. She was part Micmac and came from Gaspe. She was orphaned at age 8 and moved to Hull Quebec and married a beauchamp. Her father, Mr. Dan, came from the Isle of Man and was shipwrecked near Gaspe. A Micmac woman nursed him back to health. He repaid her by marrying her daughter. I believe they were the Broom family. Before this, the family name was Arquimeau. I'm not sure if this is the right spelling as the priest who transcribed an old marriage certificate from Gaspe put a question mark beside the name. He obviously couldn't read it well. My family believes it is probably a phoenetic representation of a Micmac family name. If you recognize any of these names, please get in touch with me. Thank you, Malcolm

Name: Aline Gariepy Brodoeur
Time/Date Entered: 2:53 PM  -  26 May 2003
Gaspe Connection: Cloridorme
Town/Village/Area: GASPE
Primary Family Names: MARRIAGES in CLORIDORME
Secondary Family Names: BEAUDOIN - PRUNEAU
Time Period: 1838-1893
Particulars: Ce message s'adresse aux personnes qui cherchent les dates de mariages de leur famille. J'ai un registres des mariages de Cloridorme de 1838-1983. BIENVENU ? ceux qui recherchent des dates de mariages de leurs anc?tres. ? Serge Beaudoin: J'ai les mariages de: BEAUDOIN et PRUNEAU de Cloridorme entre les dates mentionn?es plus haut. vous pouvez me contacter ?: diamondragon?

Name: aline gariepy brodeur
Time/Date Entered: 2:06 PM  -  26 May 2003
Gaspe Connection: St-Helier
Town/Village/Area: Cloridorme
Primary Family Names: LeScelleur married to
Secondary Family Names: Sophie Esther Jandron
Time Period: 1820-1861
Particulars: Charles LeScelleur married Sophie Esther Jandron in 1945 in St-Helier and She died in feb.1861. What I need the most is HER parents name in order to be able to continue the complete link of 1023 names in the fam. Hope someone can help, and if I can it will be a pleasure to do my best to search my data. Thanking you in advance, Aline God Bless YOU ALL

Name:  Jim MacIntyre
Time/Date Entered: 12:55 AM  -  26 May 2003
Gaspe Connection:  Murray family on the Kempt road; other linked fam
Town/Village/Area:  Kempt Road
Primary Family Names: murray, downs, ingrim/ingram; jamieson,murphy
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period:  1812-1900
Particulars:  James Murray died on the Kempt Road 1862. He was living with son John on Lot 19/20, first range. l845-74. THere are various sisters (probably) of John marrying Ingrims, Jamiesons, Downs, but hard to prove. One daughter of James married my ggf Andrew McIntyre in Dalhousie. Looking for clarification of links. James Murray was married to Mary Murphy, links to various Bonaventure , Dalhouse and Campbelltown families. Any info welcome; also I have a pretty complete list of b/m/dfor the Kempt Road families.

Name: Jacques Beaudin
Time/Date Entered: 3:15 AM  -  15 May 2003
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather was and brothers & sisters lived here,
Town/Village/Area: Grand-Riviere Gaspe P.Q
Primary Family Names: Yvon Beaudin,
Secondary Family Names: Sisters: Isse Couture & Corrine Weis Baum
Time Period: 1890 till 1970
Particulars: Yvon Beaudin lived at 50 St. Hubert St. Grand Bay P.Q. Isse Couture lived at Grand Riviere, Gaspe PQ Candax or Canday There was also a William Beaudin, brother who ended up in Fullerton, Cal. My Grandfather name was Francis X. Beaudin

Name: Carl Gagnon
Time/Date Entered: 12:11 AM  -  14 May 2003
Gaspe Connection: Father
Town/Village/Area: Not sure
Primary Family Names: Claude Gagnon
Secondary Family Names: Alphonse Gagnon & Gracia Dostie
Time Period: 1700-
Particulars: My father was born in Gaspe. I'm looking for info on my family, but can't get past my grandparents. My GF is 1900-1960.

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