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Name: Francine Forest
Time/Date Entered: 8:45 PM  -  15 Sep 2003
Gaspe Connection: The Ferguson family
Town/Village/Area: Cap des Rosiers (Gasp?)
Primary Family Names: James Ferguson (Farguson)
Secondary Family Names: Ann Warren (Warrent)
Time Period: around 1800
Particulars: My ancestor is John Ferguson, son of James Ferguson (or Farguson)and Ann Warrent from Anse a Beaufils, married to Marie Bond, Grandes Graves (St Michel de Perc?)the 18 of august 1823 at the age of 23. I am looking for informations on James Ferguson and Ann Warrent.Is James the son of Andrew Ferguson?

Name: Judge James M. Sutton Jr.
Time/Date Entered: 6:54 PM  -  8 Sep 2003
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather James William Sutton
Town/Village/Area: Pabos -- Little Pabos
Primary Family Names: Sutton, Mcginnis (Mcinnis)
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1860 1870
Particulars: My great GRandparents were George and Ann Sutton, parents of my grandfather, James William Sutton, b. April 7th, 1867 - d. 1934

Name: victoria lemieux
Time/Date Entered: 9:56 PM  -  7 Sep 2003
Gaspe Connection: grandmother victoria dunn
Town/Village/Area: cape cove
Primary Family Names: first name unknown dunn
Secondary Family Names: grandmother gerouix married dunn
Time Period: 17oo
Particulars: trying to find relatives for my mother gilberte landry her mothers name was victoria dunn, aunt agnes, uncle charlie, phillip,anthony,peter, can not give more onformation that is all i can find out from her she is 92 some information would be greatly appericated thank you

Name: Peter Ernest LeGresley
Time/Date Entered: 11:25 PM  -  6 Sep 2003
Gaspe Connection: Hedley Ernest LeGresley My Father
Town/Village/Area: Fox River, Gaspe
Primary Family Names: LeGresley, Bisson
Secondary Family Names: Binet, Syvret, Montgomery
Time Period: 1850 to Present
Particulars: I am currently doing a family tree and could use any info someone might have. I also have quite a bit of info that may be useful to someone working on there own. My family originated in Jersey, Channel Isles and took up residence in the Gaspe. My father's parents were John Francis LeGresley Jr. and Henrietta Kate LeGresley. My Father had three sisters and six brothers Florence, Marjorie, Kathleen, Arthur, Percy, Harold, Ralph, Leonard & Kenneth. My Father married Ruth May Binet from St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles. December 20th 1945. I was born in Montreal, Que, January 16 1958. I am currently residing in Kamloops, B.C with my wife Jill and daughter Victoria. As a child my family and I spent our summers in the Gaspe visiting with my Father's siblings. I have very fond memories of Gascon, Port Daniel, Chandler, Perce, Fox River, Pabos, Grande Riviere, and the town of Gaspe. I remember some great times and in the Gaspe with my Uncle Harold and my Uncle Ralph and their families. I haven't been back since my Dad passed away in 1988 but I plan to come back soon with my family. I hope this information is helpful to expanding the Genealogy Register of Gaspe. If you wish to contact me please email at I will return your email. I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Name: Renate Vincent
Time/Date Entered: 2:17 AM  -  4 Sep 2003
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather and Grandmother both fromGaspe
Town/Village/Area: Grand River as well as Chandler
Primary Family Names: Moreau and Dube
Secondary Family Names: Murray
Time Period: 1892 backt to ?
Particulars: Grandfather Francois Moreau b. 1892(Germain and Marie Marthe Dube) married Cecile Murray b.1898 (Jon Murray and Annie Miles).If anybody has any information ref. Germainb 1867? and Marie Marthe b. 1870?...please e-mail me. Thank You

Name: lani baker mitchell
Time/Date Entered: 6:16 PM  -  30 Aug 2003
Gaspe Connection: born and grew up in gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: baker miller
Secondary Family Names: jessup (jessop?) sams
Time Period: 1750-1990
Particulars: Have lots of info on the miller/sams part of my family and am looking for info on the baker/jessup(jessop?) father's family.I think he was born in Chandler. I know that the Jessups lived in Newport but have no further info. Can anyone help?

Name: Marie-Josee Pitre
Time/Date Entered: 11:05 AM  -  21 Aug 2003
Gaspe Connection: Grand-parents
Town/Village/Area: Cap d Espoir, Barachois
Primary Family Names: Pitre, Boudreau, Hamon, Thibault
Secondary Family Names: Baker, Combs (Coombs?)
Time Period: 1800
Particulars: g-g-p :John (Jean) Pitre married Georgina Boudreau. g-g-g-p: Benjamin Hamon married Primitive Felicite Thibault. His father was William Hamon and Elizabeth Baker and hers Pierre Thibault and Genevieve Combs (Coombs). I still have family living in those areas. Further info would be greatly appreciated because I am in a dead end. Many thanks!

Name: Margaret J. (Rabideau) Souders
Time/Date Entered: 1:56 PM  -  20 Aug 2003
Gaspe Connection: GGrandparents married in Les Mechins, Matane
Town/Village/Area: Grosses-Roches, Matane, PQ
Primary Family Names: Caron
Secondary Family Names: Gagne, Beaudoin
Time Period: 1850 - present
Particulars: Looking for ancestors and descendants of Antoine Caron (1856-1930) and Lea Gagne (1866-1894). Ancestors and descendants of Antoine Caron and second wife Caroline Beaudoin. Children of Antoine and Lea were - Theodore Caron (born 6/21/1882); Marie Denyse Caron Ouimette Lavallee , my grandmother (10/26/1883 - 3/28/1949); Marie-Elisabeth Caron Bazinet (5/22/1885 - 4/25/1933); Louis-Philippe Caron (10/5/1887); Jean-Zenon Caron (10/28/1892).

Name: gordon beck
Time/Date Entered: 8:09 PM  -  15 Aug 2003
Gaspe Connection: Both parents
Town/Village/Area: Cape Cove
Primary Family Names: Beck
Secondary Family Names: Thompson Haldimand
Time Period: 1760 to present
Particulars: John Beck from Jersey Islands in 1770's ??Thompson of Fraser Highlanders. Settled Haldimand in 1760's

Name: Marielle Bernier
Time/Date Entered: 8:03 PM  -  13 Aug 2003
Gaspe Connection: Savoie
Town/Village/Area: Magwasha
Primary Family Names: Savoie,Savoy,Bois,Francoeur,Calvert or Colbert
Secondary Family Names: Soucy,Soucier,Wafer,Bernier,Longue-Epee
Time Period: 1600 onward
Particulars: I am searching my roots and am looking for traces of Lazare Savoie Sr. He lived on Quebec side Maguasha is which my familt refer to and I went across to see the area but only found the foundation of apparently may of been the house that they lived in any lead to anything would be much appreciated. Thanxs Marielle

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