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Name: Gail Allarie
Time/Date Entered: 3:41 PM  -  13 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Paternal grandmother
Town/Village/Area: Metis Beach also called Petit Metis, Matane
Primary Family Names: Nichols, LePage, Mcgugan, McEwing.
Secondary Family Names: Blue, Dube, Smith, McFadden,
Time Period: 1800-2004
Particulars: I am trying to find the birth and death dates of "Effie LePage", from Metis, as well as the information for her father Elijah LePage, perhaps from Rimouski area. Effie married Percival ( I think) Nichols and they moved to Montreal. They had Bruce Gilbert Nichols, my fatherI would also like to find the link to Scotland for the McGugan's and whether or not there is a link to France for the LePage's as I have been verbally told.

Name: Darlene Young
Time/Date Entered: 11:41 PM  -  5 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Both parents from Gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Port Daniel, Hope Town
Primary Family Names: Young, Dow, Williams, Cooper, McRae, McGee
Secondary Family Names: Eladith Williams, Joshua Dow, Ernest Cooper.
Time Period: Early 19oos and earlier
Particulars:  Port Daniel side: gggrandfather Alexander Young 1848 and gggrandmother Sarah-Anna.Their children were: Mary Ellen, Annie L, Reuben, and Nettie (My ggmother). Would like to get info on Ernest Cooper ggrandfather whos first wife was Nettie Young (ggmother) Their kids were: Frederick, Saddie, Ethel, Edna, Rae.Also would like info on ggrandfather Joshua Dow and ggrandmother Aladith(Eladith?)Williams Port Daniel early 1900's. My gfather Leonard Roy Dow and his sibs: Sarah,Hubert,Hazel, and Ralph. Hopetown side: Would like to go back farther than ggrandparents John and Phebe McRae (born 1864 and 1867) Martha, this is a really neat site. Thanks!

Name: Danny Woodman
Time/Date Entered: 5:50 PM  -  5 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Jonathan Woodman, Mary R. O. McCormick
Town/Village/Area: Settled in Black cape
Primary Family Names: Woodman McWhirter Willett Burton Robertson Barter
Secondary Family Names: Doddridge Campbell Cochrane Fairservice Coull...
Time Period: 1784 +
Particulars: The search for Jonathan Woodman. Hello! Looking for any information on Jonathan Woodman of Black Cape, who was married to Mary Ramsey Oswald McCormick. Did he come in 1784 with Capt. Pritchard or after? How old was he? Where would he be buried? Does someone know? Thank you. visit the Woodman... Family tree connection

Name: Patrick Thompson
Time/Date Entered: 4:15 PM  -  27 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: grandfather/grandmother
Town/Village/Area: pasepbiac(grandfather) hopetown(grandmother)
Primary Family Names: Thompson/ Murray
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: early1900
Particulars: Looking for any information on Walter Harold Thompson of Pasepbiac or his wife Flora Murray of Hopetown area. hHe was a plumber gas fitter the only other info I have about him was that he fought in WW1 as an cme (military engineer)he died on May13,1970 in Quebec city and had 2 brothers Ralph Thompson of Gaspesie & Cecil Thompson of Montreal.Flora Murray my grandmother I have less info on she divorced Walter sometime in the 1930's i think and moved to Toronto where she died on Jan4 1965. If anyone has any info on either it would be great hear from them.Thank you.

Name: Alice
Time/Date Entered: 5:40 PM  -  25 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: Hall Family
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle/Port Daniel
Primary Family Names: Hall, McGear
Secondary Family Names: William Hall
Time Period: 1760 - present
Particulars: I would appreciate any information on the descendants of Amos Hall(born 1783) to Ann McGear (born 1791) They had a son named William Hall whom I am a descendant of. William was born in 1819. Did Amos & Ann have more children? I would appreciate any information that anyone could provide to me.

Name: William I. Mitchell
Time/Date Entered: 9:28 PM  -  20 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: great-great grandparents
Town/Village/Area: Griffins Cove/Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Power, Adams
Secondary Family Names: Sinnett, Searle, Hayden
Time Period: 1800 to Present
Particulars: I am seeking information on the descendents of Matthew Power and Mary Adams. My great-great grandfather, John Power, was born in Griffons Cove. In the 1880s he lived in Douglastown.

Name: Michele
Time/Date Entered: 12:49 PM  -  9 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: gaspe penninsula
Town/Village/Area: port daniel
Primary Family Names: lafontaine
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1907
Particulars: Searching for my family history. Known thus far is that my grand-father, Ivan Lafontaine, was born in Port Daniel E, county Bonne Venture, Quebec. He was born June 4th 1907. His father was J.B. Lafontaine. Anyone having any information to pass along would be greatly appreciated. Since I live in Ontario, I find it difficult to get info, from Quebec. Thank-you, Kind regards, Michele {grand-daughter}.

Name: Mrs.Bobbi Ouellette
Time/Date Entered: 2:55 AM  -  3 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: ggg-grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Port-Daniel
Primary Family Names: Dorion & Roy
Secondary Family Names: Dareche,Chouinard
Time Period: 1855
Particulars: Z?phirin Dorion is my ggg-grandfather.He had a sister Julienne Dorion b.Jun 2 1868 Port-Daniel she married Jacques or James Lantin.They had two children: Virginie Lantin Feb 13 1902 Chandler or Port-Daniel Z?phirin Lantin There mother Julienne Dorion died 1907.Virginie Lantin was about 5 years old.Today Virginie Lantin is about 102 years of age. Virginie Lantin does not have a photo of her mother Julienne Dorion We are looking for a family photo with her sisters and brothers,or a photo of just Julienne Dorion.If you have on please e-mail a copy to above e-mail address. We would like to no more info. on Jacques or James Lantin Family. Thank You ! Merci !

Name: Yves English
Time/Date Entered: 2:51 PM  -  2 Jan 2004
Gaspe Connection: ancestors since 1764
Town/Village/Area: Grande Grave/Griffon Cove
Primary Family Names: English
Secondary Family Names: Langlois
Time Period: 1764 to present
Particulars: John English b.1745,do you know birth place??,i know he lives in Griffon Cove,he's married Catherine Hennessy d.1823 in Griffon Cove,do you know birthplace and birthday?? Is it true,the reel name of John English is John Langlois,change his name before 1790 or before his coming in Canada.Do you have more informations about my ancestors? PS.Je parle francais/i speak French too. Thank you! Yves

Name: Shirley Steele
Time/Date Entered: 3:11 AM  -  31 Dec 2003
Gaspe Connection: father-in-law and his ancestors
Town/Village/Area: Black Cape
Primary Family Names: Steele, McWhirter, Henderson
Secondary Family Names: Robertson, Burton
Time Period: 1800 to present
Particulars: David Steele arrived in Black Cape from Lesmahagow, Scotland and married Margaret Burton. The had several children, one of which was my husbands grandfather born 1858 and married Agatha McWhirter. Laurence Steele (father) was born in 1900 in Black Cape.Would really like to know more information about David but will take any information about any other relatives. Every little bit of information is appreciated

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