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Name: Janet Lillie
Time/Date Entered: 9:48 AM  -  5 Apr 2004
Gaspe Connection: gg grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Bai de Chalaur, Canada
Primary Family Names: LeBrun,
Secondary Family Names: Brun, Bergeron, Laury, de Laurey
Time Period: 1600 - 1850
Particulars: My gg grandfather came from Bay de Chalaur, Canada. He or his family was originally from the Guernsey I'iles, off the coast of Normandy, France. Other relatives came from Belle I'isle, France. His name was Jean C.LeBrun / john C., Brown. He moved to Oconto, Wisconsin and later the Milwaukee area. He died in 1941. He had worked in a lumber mill in Oconto. He was French Canadian - Catholic. My daughter is Majoring in French and History and I would love to be able to trace her genealogy. Any help would be most appreciated. Sincerely, Janet Lillie

Name: Peter Chapman
Time/Date Entered: 8:54 AM  -  5 Apr 2004
Gaspe Connection: William MacKenzie
Town/Village/Area: Port Daniel, Bonadventure Co.
Primary Family Names: MacKenzie
Secondary Family Names: Bearisto, Noel
Time Period: 1794
Particulars: William Mackenzie was born 1794 in PEI, he married Isabella Bearisto and moved to Port Daniel. There they rasied a family, one of the children James Benjamin married Sarah Noel from New Brunswick. James and Sarah's family later moved back to PEI. I am looking for any family connections and history of this family.

Name: Judy Pagano
Time/Date Entered: 7:32 PM  -  24 Mar 2004
Gaspe Connection: John Topham
Town/Village/Area: Robin
Primary Family Names: Topham
Secondary Family Names: Robin
Time Period: 1820-1840
Particulars:  I'm trying to locate John Topham & family. He worked for a Charles Robin & Co in Gaspe about 1820? & then sailed home to England to claim a fortune but died at sea. I have no knowledge of what happen to the rest of his family. His wife Polly Howland died in New Brunswick & he then relocated to Gaspe around 1820. thanks in advance Judy I hope I might help too!

Name: Nicole Gendron
Time/Date Entered: 4:17 AM  -  18 Mar 2004
Gaspe Connection: Born St-Etienne de Restigouche in 1953
Town/Village/Area: St-Godefroi or St-Godsfroi
Primary Family Names: Gendron
Secondary Family Names: Roussy,Perreault,Essiambre,Grenier,Beauchemin
Time Period: 1865 to today
Particulars: I was born in Bonaventure county,I am looking for info on my great-grandmother I have tried on my own but to no avail.Her name was Elizabeth Essiambre she was indian she married my great-grandfather Leon Roussy who was from St-Godefroi some of their kids were Albert Roussy,Alcide,Arsene,Eva,Angelina,Paulina married to Jos Grenier,Beatrice married to Alphonse Beauchemin,Alice married to Josaphat beauchemin,Alexina married to Will Levesque.Great-grandfather Leon also had a brother Dominique Roussy who was also married to my great-grandmother's sister her name was Rosanne Essiambre their kids were Raymond,Andre,John,Hilaire,and also two girls but I dont have their names.My grand-father was Albert Roussy born in 1895 married to Alice Perreault they lived in St-Florence Matapedia county,they both died and are burried there,any info would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Sharon Journeau
Time/Date Entered: 2:19 PM  -  15 Mar 2004
Gaspe Connection: Raised in Port Daniel
Town/Village/Area: Port Daniel
Primary Family Names: Journeau, Chedore,Beebe,Wiseman
Secondary Family Names: too many to mention
Time Period: from Jersey, England
Particulars: Trying to locate the more distant tree of the wiseman clan. My grandfather was Cornelius Stillman Wiseman, married to Grace Chedore.

Name: Mary Pierotti
Time/Date Entered: 10:42 AM  -  13 Mar 2004
Gaspe Connection: maternal side through Daly and Walsh
Town/Village/Area: Miguasha
Primary Family Names: Walsh, Dugan, Poor (Power), King
Secondary Family Names: Daly, Devereaux, Goff (Gough), Bulger
Time Period: 1830s
Particulars: Looking for kin of John Walsh (b. 1792 in Waterford, Ireland) who married Mary Dugan (b. about 1811 in Langford, Ireland). They were married on 17 Aug 1837 in Carleton. Witnesses were Michael Norton and Patrick Goff. The parents of John Walsh were Thomas Walsh and Bridget Poor (Power). The parents of Mary Dugan were Owen Dugan and Mary King. Mary Dugan had a sister, Elizabeth, who married Patrick Goff (Gough). Patrick's first wife was Elizabeth Rousseau. John Walsh had a farm at Miguasha. John's daughter, Rose Ann, married Bryan Bernard Daly of Belledune in 1863.

Name: Kate Hall-Turner
Time/Date Entered: 9:00 PM  -  29 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Gr. Grandfather Harry Garnet Hall
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Hall, Caldwell, Cooke, Sherar
Secondary Family Names: Chisholm, McVey, McNish, Todd, Power
Time Period: 1700s to present
Particulars: I am interested in hearing from any distant cousins and very willing to share the information I have.

Name: Joanne
Time/Date Entered: 3:26 PM  -  29 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Father born there
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Chedore, Briard,
Secondary Family Names: Acteson, Ahier, Martin, Hazelton, Livingstone,
Time Period: 
Particulars: Have learnt a great deal about the Chedore family line now working on my mothers line in scotland. Livingstone and Murdoch. Still looking to discover what the origin of the family name Chedore is.

Name: Carol Truesdell
Time/Date Entered: 11:43 AM  -  22 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: James Beaudin
Town/Village/Area: Grande Riviere, Gaspe to Miscou, NB
Primary Family Names: Beaudin, Ward
Secondary Family Names: Doiron
Time Period: 1840 +
Particulars: Jacques (James) Beaudin b 1840 Grande Riviere married Ellen (Helene?) Ward in Grande Riviere 1863. They moved on to Miscou Island, NB. Have information on descendents and always looking for more...

Name: Lucy Tong
Time/Date Entered: 12:25 AM  -  19 Feb 2004
Gaspe Connection: Family Ties
Town/Village/Area: Perce, Grand-Riviere
Primary Family Names: Beaudin, Dubois, Normand
Secondary Family Names: Traverse, Baker dit Blondin, David
Time Period: 1600-1900
Particulars: Hi Francois Dubois (s/o Fran?ois DUBOIS & Marguerite BAKER dit BLONDIN) married Catherine Traverse Abt. 1832 possibly in Newport. I am seeking the names of Catherine Traverse's parents, and more information on this Traverse family. Actually dates, and any information would be greatly appreciated on either families, or any of the names above. I am really stuck!!! I am also seeking information on Joseph-Pierre Beaudin who married Lucie Dubois 30 September 1861 in Grande-Rivi?re, Gasp?, Qu?bec, Canada. Lucie Dubois was the daughter of Francois Dubois and Catherine Traverse.I would appreciate the names of the parents of Joseph-Pierre Beaudin, and info on Joseph-Pierre Beaudin and Lucie Dubois' children. Thank you! Lucy

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