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Name: J. St. Croix
Time/Date Entered: 10:55 PM  -  1 Jan 2005
Gaspe Connection: Ste. Croix family lived for generations in area
Town/Village/Area: Cap des Rosiers
Primary Family Names: Ste. Croix
Secondary Family Names: Fortin Jacques
Time Period: 1746-1915
Particulars: Looking for info on my Ste. Croix family. Narcisse Ste. Croix born around 1884 in Cap des Rosiers, Gaspe, PQ, married Marie Ste. Croix (her maiden name was the same), I have ancestors for Narcisse, but not birth date or death date, nor do I have any info on Marie except that she died between 1951-1955 in Quebec, possibly Montreal area.

Name: L. Peter Bisson
Time/Date Entered: 3:20 PM  -  27 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather-Grandmother
Town/Village/Area: unknown
Primary Family Names: Bisson
Secondary Family Names: LaPlant
Time Period: 1800-1901
Particulars: Trying to trace back to my Great Grand Parents on either side of the Family. Grandfather Eli Bisson, Grandmother Victoria LaPlant. May have come to Northern NY in late 1800 or early 1900. Lived and died in Newton Falls NY

Time/Date Entered: 10:58 PM  -  22 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: father, grandfather, great grandfather, gg grandfa
Town/Village/Area: newport
Primary Family Names: lucas
Secondary Family Names: gauthier, boucher, breton, olsem
Time Period: 1876-to day
Particulars: hi i'm looking for the lucas family in newport. my father alfred, grandfather= alfres was in the army "r?giment de la chaudi?re"born in 1911 great grand father=alfred hi was married with emilie breton. born in 1890 twin with john. gg grandfather=charles married with caroline gauthier and emma boucher.born around 1862 in jersey island came around 1876 working for the "robin compagny" je parle francais aussi. alfred 1945-1997 alfred 1911-1990 alfred 1890-? epouse= emilie breton et emerentienne olsem charles ~1862-? jersey U.K. epouse=caroline gauthier et emma boucher

Name: Kelly Hunter
Time/Date Entered: 8:41 PM  -  16 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: gggrandfather, grandmother, tons of cousins
Town/Village/Area: Oak Bay
Primary Family Names: Hunter
Secondary Family Names: Keays, Williamson, Parker
Time Period: 
Particulars: Primarly interested in finding the second family of James Henry Hunter. Moved to Oak Bay area at turn of the century from Caribou, Maine area. Was widowed in Maine. First wife was Irene Tracy. Had atleast one son, Enoch Elijah Hunter, from first marriage (married Jean Mann) who lived in Quebec. Other son, Rufus, lived in the Tidehead, Glen Coe, area. Well aquantainted with relatives living in N.B., but trying to get a handle on the Hunters who lived in Quebec. Family line is James Henry Hunter->Rufus Hunter->Lamkey Hunter->Living Hunter. Am stuck and would like any names. Thanks...Kelly Hunter

Name: Lynda R Berube
Time/Date Entered: 9:59 AM  -  16 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: Richard Walker children Elizabeth, William, Mary
Town/Village/Area: Perce
Primary Family Names: Walker
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1800-1850
Particulars: Looking For any and all information about this family. Richard Walker would be my Great-Great Grandfather. My Great Grandmother would have been Elizabeth "Betsy" Jane Walker with a brother William and a sister Mary

Name: Pierre Jones-Savard
Time/Date Entered: 11:35 PM  -  12 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: Anse-Du-Cap,Gaspe-Est,Quebec
Town/Village/Area: Chandler
Primary Family Names: Jones
Secondary Family Names: Marquis
Time Period: 1931-1950
Particulars: Ma mere a passer son enfance a Chandler,elle serait ne a anse-Du-Cap(pres de perce) selon le site web des mormons(family search): le 30 juin 1931. Probablement quelle aurait quitter la Gaspesie vers 1950 etant donner qu'elle a marier mon pere (Gerard Savard)le 16 septembre 1950 a Ile De Montreal(selon le site web des mormons(family search). Elle est decede le 22 septembre 1975 a Alma, Quebec,Canada Son prenom est Antonine et le nom de son pere est Damase Jones et celui de sa mere est Eugenie Marquis. Le numero de telephone pour me rejoindre est:418-686-3721 Esperant que ma mere est ou sera dans vos registre,salut. Pierre

Name: Kelly
Time/Date Entered: 6:42 PM  -  5 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: john semour and marie-charlotte dubois
Town/Village/Area: gaspe
Primary Family Names: seymour
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1815 and on
Particulars: Marie-Charlotte Dubois b. May 3, 1815 Gaspe married John Seymour February 12, 1833 in Gaspe. They had 11 children some born in Gaspe, the 11 child of them was my great grandfather.

Name: Marianne Jacques
Time/Date Entered: 5:55 PM  -  2 Dec 2004
Gaspe Connection: jean baptist jacques
Town/Village/Area: cap des rosiers
Primary Family Names: jacques
Secondary Family Names: poitras
Time Period: 1875
Particulars: looking for info on jean baptist(e) jacques married euphemie poitras. Have line up to him trying to find burial site quebec or ontario?

Name: Lori
Time/Date Entered: 11:06 PM  -  29 Nov 2004
Gaspe Connection: John C. Aubert
Town/Village/Area: Perce
Primary Family Names: Aubert
Secondary Family Names: Seymour
Time Period: 1800-1900
Particulars: Looking for info on Grandfather John Aubert. Fathers name was Pierre-Able and mothers name was Susan Seymour. Lori

Name: Jean-Claude Dunn
Time/Date Entered: 10:10 PM  -  26 Nov 2004
Gaspe Connection: Grande-Rivi?re,Perc?,Gasp?,etc
Town/Village/Area: Montr?al
Primary Family Names: Dunn
Secondary Family Names: Langlois, Synott , Chouinard
Time Period: 1750 -1810
Particulars: I written, because I tryed to contact Mr. Jerry Dunn concerning my Ancestor John Dunn who came from Scothland, according registers. Mr. Jerry Dunn, who a membership on this genenalogy website, mentioned John Dunn was here Perc? before 1777 and He came Rhode Island and he married with Marie Madeleine Paget in 1782 and mentioned also c1770 (?)nothing link with this another John Dunn : The Loyalist milicia who was here Perc? in 1777 . I ask where taking these informations ? According my research concerning John Dunn, here my informations : Before, Marie Madeleine Paget ( Pag? ) born July 6, 1763 in Quebec City . And John Dunn ( ? et ? )married Marie Madeleine Paget ( Fran?ois et Marie Lauzier said Tauxier ). Children of John Dunn et Marie Madeleine Paget : First generation in Gaspesie : 1-Fran?ois : born Perc? October 21, 1783 married (1e)Charlotte Chartrand " (2e )at Notre-Dame de Qu?bec, November 21, 1809 to Genevi?ve Tressler ( or Trislaire ) ( Jean et Fran?oise Garnet ) 2- Jean : born Perc? June 29, 1785 3*-JACQUES :born Perc? August 24 1787 married at Perc?, March 1810, Ang?lique (Euphrosine)Duguay 4- Louise : born Perc? March 4, 1789 marreid to Anse-du-Cap October 3, 1804 to Pierre Chouinard 5- Madeleine : born Perc? October 11, 1791 married Perc? September 17, 1804 to Patrice Synett 6- Genevi?ve : born Perc? July 5, 1793 7- Alexis : born Perc? March23, 1795 8- Isabelle : born Perc?, Mars 9, 1800 9- Charles : born Perc? August 29 1802 died Perc? October 2, 1802 . Concerning Marie Madeleine Paget ( Fran?ois et Marie Lauzier said Tauxier )VERY IMPORTANT : Marie Madeleine Paget (1e) married John Dunn ( ? et ? ) in 1782 ? (2e)married at Notre-Dame of Quebec City in October 30, 1810 to Jean Hogan, of Magdebourg( Germany ), who live in Gasp? since 20 years. Becausse John Dunn died in Quebec City or Gasp? or Perc? ??? I don't know . Which date John Dunn dead exactly I don't know too. Maybe 1808, 1809 or 1810 in Orl?ans Island, or Quebec City or Perc?, Gasp?, Pasp?biac ??? Our John Dunn was he really this Loyalist militia who arrived with Liberty boat at June 9, 1784 ? Or another John Dunn arrived really before 1777 from Rhode Island ? And what is it concerning my research : Dunn,(family), vivant en 1770c, (PQ463-344 )Archives Nationales du Qu?bec ? ? SUIVRE... You help me if you want to ? Contact me by e-mail : Sincerely, Jean-claude

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