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Name: Sheila Rattie
Time/Date Entered: 8:01 PM  -  10 Oct 2005
Gaspe Connection: Father and Grandparents
Town/Village/Area: Oak Bay - Cross Point
Primary Family Names: Rattie
Secondary Family Names:  Grandmother Alexandrine Roy
Time Period: 
Particulars: Looking for grandparents place of birth and date and brothers and sisters,family of Lawrence Rattie

Name: Monique Roussy
Time/Date Entered: 10:50 PM  -  2 Oct 2005
Gaspe Connection: Grandparents & father born there
Town/Village/Area: St Godfroi
Primary Family Names: Roussy
Secondary Family Names: Larocque
Time Period: 1700 to present
Particulars: My grandfather's name was Étienne Roussy, grandmother's name was Ludivine Larocque and my father's name was Romuald. I am looking for any info concerning this Roussy family.

Name: Evelyn McBean
Time/Date Entered: 10:30 PM  -  1 Oct 2005
Gaspe Connection: great grandparents
Town/Village/Area: St Octave de Metis, Matane
Primary Family Names: Quimper, Alphonse
Secondary Family Names: Meunier, Lumena
Time Period: mid 1800
Particulars: This was my great grandfather and grandmother. I am going by a baptismal certificate of my grandmothers- Angele, alias Angeline Quimper, b. 9 mai 1888

Name: louis travers
Time/Date Entered: 11:57 PM  -  14 Sep 2005
Gaspe Connection: andrew james travers family
Town/Village/Area: hopetown
Primary Family Names: travers,
Secondary Family Names: ross,huntington.
Time Period: 1884 andbefor
Particulars: i am looking forany info on a william francis.wife frances franny gale

Name: Diane Buttineau
Time/Date Entered: 10:01 PM  -  11 Sep 2005
Gaspe Connection: Rene Pelchat
Town/Village/Area: St. Vallier
Primary Family Names: Pelchat
Secondary Family Names: Lacasse
Time Period: 1700
Particulars: I am researching all my Pelchat branch of my family tree. It is as follows: Eva Pelchat M. Napoleon Dallaire 1906 Joseph Philibert Pelchat M. Marie Odile Goulet 1881 Etienne Pelchat M Archange Lefebvre 1841 Etienne Pelchat M. Cecile Chabot 1812 Rene Pelchat M.Marie Louise Lacasse 1772 I have mostly marriage dates to share and a bit of ancestry on the wives. I am very interested on any historical facts, (in English if possible). I have a hard time understanding written French although I do speak quite a bit.

Time/Date Entered: 9:49 AM  -  4 Sep 2005
Gaspe Connection: Both parents
Town/Village/Area: Grand Cascapedia & Douglastown
Primary Family Names: FORAN & MORRIS
Secondary Family Names: BOUDREAU & ROONEY
Time Period: 
Particulars: I have a lot on my family history going back to some of my great grandparents. Very interested to know more about them and the people who knew them and / or are related in one way or another.

Name: Cyndi Dalinton (Astles)
Time/Date Entered: 9:24 PM  -  22 Aug 2005
Gaspe Connection: Father, grandparents born there
Town/Village/Area: Hopetown, New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: ASTLES, SMITH
Secondary Family Names: TENIER
Time Period: 1700-Present
Particulars: Grandmother-Ethel Permillia Astles nee Smith. Grandfather-Stuart Astles. Father-Herman Woodburn Astles. Great Grantmother was Emma Tenier. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Name: Ralph Sanford
Time/Date Entered: 4:09 AM  -  21 Aug 2005
Gaspe Connection: Grandmother born & raised there
Town/Village/Area: DOUGLASTOWN
Primary Family Names: MALLON, TAPP
Time Period: 1880 to present before
Particulars: I am looking for my grandmothers side of the family, which I believe was the daughter of GEORGE MALLON & MARY,MARTHA,MADELINE TAPP, She was born 4 Oct 1883 in Douglastown., her name PHILOMENE AMANDA MALLON,. After moving to the west she was know as Phyliss amada Malone, untill she Married Charles E. McCormick 1915 in Bellingham Washington. She had a bother GEORGE MALLON who was born 13 July 1881,. George married Mary ?? and had at least three children. I believe all girls Mary bn 1908, Gladys bn 1910 not sure on other Children....Any iformation on the MALLONS before 1900 or to present time...would like to share information MALLON OR MARY TAPP

Name: Robert English
Time/Date Entered: 10:52 PM  -  18 Aug 2005
Gaspe Connection: Irene English
Town/Village/Area: riviere au renard
Primary Family Names: English
Secondary Family Names: manistrean
Time Period: 1800-present
Particulars: I am interested in finding any distant relatives of my family tree...specifically the English family.My great grand father was Irene English,my grand father was Gerard English and my father is Gerard English jr. If anyone has any info please get back to me.Irene also had 3 sons and 2 daughters to my knowledge.Oneil,Roland,Gerard(my grandfather),Therese and Haita.

Name: amanda doody
Time/Date Entered: 9:29 PM  -  6 Aug 2005
Gaspe Connection: born in gaspe also granparents, live there current
Town/Village/Area: bougainville (line road) gaspe
Primary Family Names: doody, annett
Secondary Family Names: lucas, johnson
Time Period: 1900-current
Particulars: grandaughter to hazel and percy doody; also myra and garnet annett would like to trace back to 1800's if possible; irvin doody ( great grandfather)

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