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Name: Collette Dwolf
Time/Date Entered: 7:26 PM  -  3 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: Louise St. Fill/ Jean Blais and Anne Anglehart
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe, Port Daniel
Primary Family Names: Anglehart,Annelkawine,Blais,St.Fill
Secondary Family Names: Grenier,Huard, Lapierre,
Time Period: 1700-1880 approx.
Particulars: My great grandmother Rachel Blais was born in Port Daniel in 1875 to Jean Blais and Marie-Anne Anglehart. My earliest connection is that of Louise St. Fill dit Bob who married another Jean Blais in Gaspe in the very early 1700's. I am looking for other members of our family to fill in blanks and add on to the story too. I am also trying to find the Native American connection to the Blais family(DNA testing points to the maternal side of the family)

Name: Michael Panger
Time/Date Entered: 9:41 PM  -  26 Dec 2005
Gaspe Connection: Cousins
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Nellis
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: current to 1800
Particulars: I am looking for any information and their links to Ireland. I can remember a trip to Douglastown in the late 1950ís or early 1960ís. We stayed at the St Patrickís Catholic Church rectory. The pastor Fr. Joseph Nellis was one of our relative. We met many of our local relatives. The following are several of the known names Agnes, Teresa, and Frances. I so not know the relationship. Currently I can only get the family tree as far as Helen Ann Davidson who is my grandmother. She was married to a Bert Kohagen and her mother maiden name was Nellis.

Name: Jennifer Poll
Time/Date Entered: 11:52 AM  -  19 Dec 2005
Gaspe Connection: Mother and father family
Town/Village/Area: Pabos Mills, Barachois, Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Hunt, Annett
Secondary Family Names: Fournier, Murphy
Time Period: 1900 - present
Particulars: Great Grandfather - Thomas Hunt Grandparents - Bertha Hunt (McCrank), Raymond Annett, Anita Fournier (Annett) Parents - Gary Annett, Linda McCrank

Name: Brian
Time/Date Entered: 8:52 PM  -  17 Dec 2005
Gaspe Connection: Scott Family
Town/Village/Area: Bay of Chaleur
Primary Family Names: Allen, Scott
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: Am seeking information as to the origin of one Samuel Allen whose son married Sarah Elizabeth Scott in Pasebiac in 1869.

Name: Guinyou
Time/Date Entered: 7:54 AM  -  14 Dec 2005
Gaspe Connection: emigrated about 1842 from Guernsey, Channel Island
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe Region
Primary Family Names: Guignon / Guignion Family name changes to Guinyou
Secondary Family Names: Philp
Time Period: 1835 - 1845
Particulars: My great great grandfather Benjamin Guignon/Guignion who eventually changed his name to Guinyou when leaving the Gaspe region for Ontario. Benjamin was a ship's carpentar on a ship that was captained by John Philp and that sailed through the Great Lakes. Once he left the region the family moved to Port Hope and soon after settled in Toronto Ontario. Any information would be welcomed.

Name: Line Nelson
Time/Date Entered: 8:44 AM  -  17 Nov 2005
Gaspe Connection: grand father born in Paspebiac
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac
Primary Family Names: Boizard
Secondary Family Names: Holmes / Joseph
Time Period: 1879
Particulars: Great grand father Albert Constant Boizard married to Philomene Holmes Born in PAspebiac. Her parents John Guy Holmes and Marguerite Joseph Both born in Paspebiac

Name: Adam LeMaitre
Time/Date Entered: 11:11 PM  -  16 Nov 2005
Gaspe Connection: Family
Town/Village/Area: Bonaventure County
Primary Family Names: LeMaitre, Huntington
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1830-1930
Particulars: Im a LeMaitre that lives in Ont, Im looking for any info on Barulas Zephirin LeMaitre born 1855,his Father mother, and his kids my grandfather was Georges Duc LeMaitre.

Name: Lawrence Lecuyer
Time/Date Entered: 3:45 PM  -  11 Nov 2005
Gaspe Connection: Great, great grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Maria, Bonaventure
Primary Family Names: Cyr
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1715 to present
Particulars: I am interested in locating geneology information on "Cyr" family members that resided in the Maria, Bonaventure, Quebec area. I have traced lineage from 1715 until the present day. My weak areas are from 1909 era generation.

Name: rosalie
Time/Date Entered: 8:20 PM  -  8 Nov 2005
Email: rosalierehel@
Gaspe Connection: ggreatgrand mother
Town/Village/Area: douglastown&port daniel&maria
Primary Family Names: allain;Morin Holland
Secondary Family Names: francois allain &madaline morin
Time Period: 18ooto 1872
Particulars: my gggrand mother came up to douglastown from la baie de chaleur in 1872 I'm looking for any genealogy info.on the Allain family ,my gggrandmother was marie madaline allain ,wondering if someone would know off any brothers or sisters .

Name: Georgina B. Shumway
Time/Date Entered: 12:25 AM  -  8 Nov 2005
Gaspe Connection: Maternal G. Grandfather & Grandfather born here
Town/Village/Area: Cap Chat &Ste Anne des Monts
Primary Family Names: Robinson
Secondary Family Names: Castonguay
Time Period: 1800-2005
Particulars: Alexis Robinson (GGrandfather) born 1827 and Joseph John Robinson (Grandfather) born in 1863 -would like connection with other family members who lived in area. Grandfather immigrated to U.S. in 1892.

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