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Name: Mark Lessard Dempsey
Time/Date Entered: 12:53 PM  -  16 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: research
Town/Village/Area: Fox River
Primary Family Names: Dargy
Secondary Family Names: Béanger
Time Period: 19th century
Particulars: I am trying to find biographical information on Doctor S.-L. Dargy of Fox River. I believe he was married to Odile Bélanger of Chlorydormes. I am particularly interested in his professional career.

Name: Mark Lessard Dempsey
Time/Date Entered: 12:50 PM  -  16 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: research
Town/Village/Area: Gaspé
Primary Family Names: DeWolfe, Thornton, Côté, Ennis
Secondary Family Names: Gauthier, Grenier
Time Period: 1870-1950
Particulars: I am trying to find biographical information on the following 19th century Gaspe physicians: James Lorette DeWolfe of Pasbediac, New Carlisle Hastwell Thornton of New Richmond Thomas Ennis of Grande Riviere Simon Grenier of Perce Gustave-Augustin Cote, Louis-Philippe Gauthier, J. Arthur Pidgeon all of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts Narcisse-Emile Roy & F.W. MacArteney both of Bassin-de-Gaspe I have found the marriages for Doctors Côté, Gauthier, Grenier, McNally, Roy and J. Arthur Pidgeon.

Name: kelly
Time/Date Entered: 11:56 PM  -  15 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: ggrandparents
Town/Village/Area: paspebiac/shigawake/hopetown/bonaventure
Primary Family Names: NELSON
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: Looking for info on the Nelson family. Some names are: Thomas Nelson and Elizabeth Hoole or Toole; James Nelson and Marguerite "Mary" Rafter; Samuel Nelson and Mary Jane Scott; Thomas Nelson and Martha Powers; William Thomas Nelson and Rebecca Robinson.

Name: kelly
Time/Date Entered: 11:54 PM  -  15 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: ggrandparents
Town/Village/Area: paspebiac/shigawake/hopetown
Primary Family Names: TENNIER
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: Looking for info on these families. Some names are: Jean Baptiste Tennier and Catherine LeServoisier; Victor Tennier and Angelique Roussy, Joseph Tennier and Anne Mauger; Richard Tennier and Lydia Anez; Edward Russell Tennier and Martha Winnifred Nelson.

Name: Delayne Duhaime
Time/Date Entered: 7:05 AM  -  14 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: 2nd great grandparents and great grandfather.
Town/Village/Area: St-leon-le-Grand
Primary Family Names: Duhaime, Lambert
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1834-1867
Particulars: My 2nd ggrandfather, David-Hercule Duhaime was born at St-leon-le-Grand, Quebec on June 18, 1834. My 2nd ggrandmother, Marie Louise-Aleda Lambert was born at St-leon-le-Grand, Quebec on June 18, 1847. David and Marie were also married at St-leon-le-Grand, Quebec on Sept. 18, 1866. Their children: Charles Edouard (my great grandfather) b. June 15,1867 Alexandre b. June 3, 1868 Flora b. June 26, 1869 Henri b. Nov. 27, 1870 Marie b. Nov. 15, 1871 Anna b. May 25, 1882 All children were born at St-leon-le-Grand. I am looking for anyone else resarching this family. Thank you, Delayne Duhaime

Name: Kathy Wood
Time/Date Entered: 1:15 PM  -  11 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: Wood/Harper families
Town/Village/Area: Bonaventure,Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Elizabeth Harper, Benjamin Wills Wood
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1845-200s
Particulars: My great grandfather married Elizabeth Harper in I beleve the early1860s. He came from England and she was born in Quebec. They had 11 children and moved to Ont. Their one son Alfred owned the Sherbrooke Record early1900s to 1935 when he died.

Name: Cathy
Time/Date Entered: 11:55 PM  -  7 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: everett lepoidvin
Town/Village/Area: shigawake
Primary Family Names: lepoidvin
Secondary Family Names: skene
Time Period: 1850-1920
Particulars: Hi I started to look for my dad's family tree but the name was changed, so everyone in montreal tells me. My Grandfather was Everett Poidvin born at the begining of the 1900's in Shigawake. further back his family name was LePoidvin but the Le was dropped for some reason. If anyone could contact me if they have any information iit would be very much appreciated

Name: Jean Claude LeBlanc
Time/Date Entered: 11:39 PM  -  7 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: Father & Mother
Town/Village/Area: Carleton, Nouvelle, Maria, St Alexis Matapedia
Primary Family Names: LeBlanc, Landry, Doiron
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1740 to present
Particulars: I have traced my LeBlancs back to Daniel. Line is John, Honore Felix, Joseph, Cyrille, Marin, Felix.... Have copies of census from 1861,71,81,91, 1901 & 1911 with LeBlancs on them. Using them to work on side lines of LeBlanc-Marin & LeBlanc Girouard from Carlton/Nouvelle area. Would love to hear from cousins descendant of Marin LeBlanc. LeBlanc reunion for descendants of Marin summer 2006.

Name: Ronald Mercier
Time/Date Entered: 2:09 PM  -  6 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather was born there
Town/Village/Area: I believe Roche Perce
Primary Family Names: Mercier
Secondary Family Names: Moore
Time Period: 1875 to 1895
Particulars: I believe that my grandfather had a brother (Paul) and sister (Virginia). I believe that they had lost their parents at a very early age and the boys were brought up by the priests and the sister was brought up by the nuns. Perhaps they were located in an orphanage near Roche Perce. Virginia may have married a Bourget.

Name: Lani Baker Mitchell
Time/Date Entered: 1:46 PM  -  6 Jan 2006
Gaspe Connection: Born there. My Baker family is Gaspesian.
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe, Perce, Bonaventure, Douglastown,Newport
Primary Family Names: Baker, Miller
Secondary Family Names: Sams,Jessop,Morris,Smith,Maloney,Costello,Briand
Time Period: 1700-1930
Particulars: Creating family tree and desperately looking for info on both William Baker born about 1789 Perce,who married Susan Baudin (Suzanne Beaudin?) Need info on his father and on Susan's family.Also am stuck for info on Marie David born 1746 married to Johanees Becker(Baker) dit Blondin Perce. Marie David died on may 15 1835 Perce. Who were marie David's family? And do I have the correct info? THanks martha, old buddy :-)

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