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Name: Donald Brennan
Time/Date Entered: 1:39 PM  -  9 Oct 2006
Gaspe Connection: Mother
Town/Village/Area: Priceville, Matane P.Q
Primary Family Names: St. Louis
Secondary Family Names: Gagne
Time Period: 1870
Particulars: My mother, Amelia M St Louis was born in 19ll. Her father Ernest (Arnest) St Louis was borne in 1870. His father was Eusebe St Louis husband of Adelaid Gagne. Her mother was Edith Cyr daughter of Damase Cyr and Margaret Paradise

Name: Norma Robertson
Time/Date Entered: 12:45 AM  -  6 Oct 2006
Gaspe Connection: Jean Trudel, Catherine Reille, Joseph Trudel,
Town/Village/Area: St. Georges de malbaie
Primary Family Names: Trudel, Reille, Trudel, Chartrand Belinquet
Secondary Family Names: Trudel
Time Period: 1850 - present
Particulars: Jean Trudel born abt. 1850 in St. Georges de Malbaie married Catherine Reille born abt. 1855 also in St. Georges de Malbaie. Jean and Catherine had 2 sons that we know of, one being Joseph and the other is unknown. Joseph Trudel was born in St. Georges de la Malbaies in 1880 and was married on the 26th day of September 1905 to Elise Chartrand born in Aylmer Quebec about 1891.

Name: Anderson Michael
Time/Date Entered: 10:15 PM  -  16 Sep 2006
Gaspe Connection: Grand-parents
Town/Village/Area: Anse-au-beaufils
Primary Family Names: ANDERSON,
Secondary Family Names: VEZINA, CLOUTIER, BLAIS
Time Period: 1815-1940
Particulars: J'aimerais entrer en contact avec les gens qui ont des liens avec la famille Anderson de Anse-au-beaufils, j'ai quelques informations mais il y a aussi Joseph Sylvestre dit Anderson, je voudrais savoir pourquoi il porte les deux noms. Merci

Name: Robert Fetterley
Time/Date Entered: 2:58 PM  -  10 Sep 2006
Gaspe Connection: Grandmother Eliza Ann Fetterly (Savage)
Town/Village/Area: Cape Cove
Primary Family Names: Savage, Sauvage, Fetterly, Fetterley
Secondary Family Names: Lowndes, Mahan
Time Period: 18th and 19th century
Particulars: My grandmother, Eliza Ann Savage married Rupert James Lowndes (1894) In 1910 Eliza had lost Lowndes and married William Melvin Fetterly in Seattle, WA USA

Name: raymond bessette
Time/Date Entered: 8:30 PM  -  5 Sep 2006
Gaspe Connection: Huntington Larson, Horth, Garrett, chatterton
Town/Village/Area: new carlisle, paspebiac, port daniel
Primary Family Names: huntington, larson, horth, chatterton
Secondary Family Names: beebe, gallon, flowers
Time Period: 1700,s to present
Particulars: I have made some good finds relating to andrew huntington and elizabeth chatterton.

Name: Joseph F. Marinoff
Time/Date Entered: 5:14 PM  -  4 Sep 2006
Gaspe Connection: Great Grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe Peninsula
Primary Family Names: Alfred Albert, Virginie(Morin) Chiasson
Secondary Family Names: Agapie Chiasson
Time Period: born 1867
Particulars: hi, as far as i know my great grandfather was born somewhere in the gaspe peninsula and i think he married virginie morin and i think they had 4 or 3 boys and i think 2 or 3 girls. Don't know all his family but his son fred albert was my grandfather,what i would like to try to find out is what clan was he born into, i'm looking for the bloodline,because i am white and i would like to know because,so if you could help that would be neat, thank you!

Name: Helene
Time/Date Entered: 6:20 PM  -  29 Jul 2006
Gaspe Connection: Father and grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac
Primary Family Names: Tennier
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: Early 1900
Particulars: I am looking for my ancestors and where originally the Tennier family is from and how they landed in Gaspesie. i know there is a Route Tennier and i have only been there once, for my grandfathers funeral, unfortunately. I know we ahd quite a bit land there. My father Bernard tennier passed away last year.

Name: Evelyne
Time/Date Entered: 12:15 PM  -  16 Jul 2006
Gaspe Connection: grandparents
Town/Village/Area: Chandler West
Primary Family Names: Hunt, Murray
Secondary Family Names: Wall
Time Period: 1890-
Particulars: father: Gerald Hunt, wife Laura Murray 1913-1996 1925-2001 Grandfather Hunt: James Hunt, wife Rosanne Wall Grandfather Murray: James Jimmy Murray Wife Rosanne Fullum

Name: denis lucas
Time/Date Entered: 10:56 AM  -  14 Jul 2006
Gaspe Connection: my father,grand-f. g-grand-f
Town/Village/Area: newport, chandler, pabos
Primary Family Names: LUCAS,
Time Period: 1872-2006
Particulars: hello, this is the second time a write a message. I'm looking about information about the LUCAS of chandler, newport,pabos and all family they or there was living there.BONJOUR CECI EST MON DEUXIEME MESSAGE. JE CHERCHE TOUTE INFORMATION SUR LES LUCAS ET LES FAMILLES QUI Y ON ET VIVE ENCORE DANS CHANDLER, NEWPORT,PABOS. J'AI DEJA BEAUCOUP D'INFO VOICI MON SITE user denislucas

Name: lianne marie briand
Time/Date Entered: 9:51 PM  -  12 Jul 2006
Gaspe Connection: family born in gasbe. Still living in douglastown
Town/Village/Area: douglastown
Primary Family Names: briand
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1800,s to present
Particulars: my dad and all his family were born in douglastown and alot are still there.

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