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Name: darlene girard
Time/Date Entered: 11:08 AM  -  4 Apr 2007
Gaspe Connection: Girard , Henley, Chicoine, my ancestors since1790
Town/Village/Area: Riviere Renard , Malbaie, Perce
Primary Family Names: Girard
Secondary Family Names: Savard, McNicol
Time Period: 1830--1890
Particulars: I am looking for info on my ggggrandfather Epiphane Savard, born in Matane has a son named Pierre Savard. Pierre married Adelaide Dubreuil in ontario, Also looking for info on Epiphane's wife, Helene McNicol

Name: suzanne kelley lemieux
Time/Date Entered: 12:06 AM  -  23 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: gr. grandfather
Town/Village/Area: south durham drummond county
Primary Family Names: chaput
Secondary Family Names: brilliant
Time Period: 1850-1890
Particulars: Iam looking for Alderic/elderic/ulderic chaput, his parents, and his wifes(evela brilliant)family. Her parents were Edoward and Sara Roy Desjardin chaput.

Name: Bernie Arbour
Time/Date Entered: 9:38 AM  -  21 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: Born in PercÚ
Town/Village/Area: PercÚ
Primary Family Names: Arbour
Secondary Family Names: Roberts
Time Period: 
Particulars: Father Raoul Arbour, PercÚ Mother Margaret Roberts, Fontenelle Moved from PercÚ in 1970

Name: Jo-Ann
Time/Date Entered: 1:27 PM  -  20 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: parents from Murdochville
Town/Village/Area: Murdochville or Saint-Anne des monts
Primary Family Names: Lapointe
Secondary Family Names: Lizotte
Time Period: 1800+
Particulars: I am lookink for info on the Lapointe familly Tree.Grandfather Anicet lapointe(worked at Gespe copper mines) wife Marie-Ange lizotte(worked at Murdochville hospital) My Great-grandfather and fathers first name was Edmond.

Name: Gino Grenier
Time/Date Entered: 6:12 PM  -  9 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: ???
Town/Village/Area: Newport,Pabos,???
Primary Family Names: Grenier
Secondary Family Names: garnier
Time Period: 1948 and before
Particulars: My father is Jean-Yves Grenier born in 1948 at Newport,is father Adrien Grenier wife Ida Grenier born?,is father Clair Grenier born? wife,is father OnÚsime Grenier born wife?is father wife??? can you help me for my genealogic tree and can you transmet info in french if you can,Tank's a lot

Name: Patty Mahoney
Time/Date Entered: 10:21 PM  -  4 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: Mom born in Chandler, Gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Chandler, Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Sutton
Secondary Family Names: Green(e)
Time Period: 1831-present
Particulars: Mom -Esther Blandina Sutton 1923 her Dad - Cornelius Sutton 1884 his Dad - William Sutton 1831

Name: mansel johnson
Time/Date Entered: 9:52 PM  -  4 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: i was born there
Town/Village/Area: bougainville gaspe
Primary Family Names: johnson
Secondary Family Names: johnson
Time Period: 1800 - 2007
Particulars: looking for info about henry johnson who came to canada in the 1800's

Name: Reg Liscomb-Manuel
Time/Date Entered: 3:12 PM  -  1 Mar 2007
Gaspe Connection: BILLINGSLEY
Town/Village/Area: BAY OF CHALEUR
Primary Family Names: LISCOMB
Secondary Family Names: MANUEL, SCOTT
Time Period: 1800s and on
Particulars: Mary Jane Billingsley,(born 12 Aug 1828) daughter of William Billingsley and Alice Pennington of New Carlisle, married John (Wesley) Liscomb who was from the Winchester, Dundas Co. of Ontario. They lived in Vernon Ontario and are buried there. I am the great grandson of John and Mary Jane Liscomb and would welcome any info on the Billingsley and Liscomb families. Hopefully I will find a connection with a distant cousin.

Name: Keith Sinclair
Time/Date Entered: 11:45 PM  -  19 Feb 2007
Gaspe Connection: Born there
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle and Cullens Brook
Primary Family Names: Sinclair / Ross
Secondary Family Names: Casey ,Woodman, Law , Thompson , Gallon , Flowers
Time Period: 1700 to 2007
Particulars: Father was Hayward Sinclair son of William Allen Sinclair and Emma Casey of Cullens Brook , mother was Alice Ross daughter of Leander Ross and Margaret Minnie Thompson of New Carlisle , parents operated a small grocery busines in Carlisle until 1950 , family moved to Ontario . Working on a family tree on both sides of family ., any help appreciated .

Name: John Childs
Time/Date Entered: 5:37 PM  -  19 Feb 2007
Gaspe Connection: Little
Town/Village/Area: Escuminac
Primary Family Names: Little
Secondary Family Names: Brown
Time Period: 1875-2007
Particulars: Some of the branches on my family tree moved from Kent County New Brunswick to Escumniac

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