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Name: sybil
Time/Date Entered: 7:00 PM  -  29 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: lived there and was born there
Town/Village/Area: new carlisle
Primary Family Names: gallan,gallan,gallant,huntington
Secondary Family Names: larson,shearer
Time Period: 1700-1996
Particulars: looking for any info on my mother and father, walter gallan and mother leotta huntington of new mothers mother was clessy myrtle larson,married to ronald huntington .any info would be appreciated.

Name: James Miller
Time/Date Entered: 10:45 PM  -  20 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather Cyprien Caron
Town/Village/Area: Grande Rivier
Primary Family Names: Caron
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: before 1901
Particulars: Grandfather - Cyprien Caron b.1901 G Grandfather - Guillaume Caron b. 1860 G Grandmother - Aurelie GG Grandfather - Paul Caron b. 1828 GG Grandmother - Virginie

Name: jean
Time/Date Entered: 1:36 PM  -  18 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: magdalen islands
Town/Village/Area: entry island
Primary Family Names: welsh
Secondary Family Names: mclean
Time Period: 1800-2000
Particulars: james william welsh married eleanor hines

Name: Jennifer Adams
Time/Date Entered: 1:24 PM  -  8 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: ggg-grandfather +
Town/Village/Area: lobster cove
Primary Family Names: adams
Secondary Family Names: simpson, davis
Time Period: 1841
Particulars: We are only a month into our research, but have found a significant amount of info on the Adams' that lived in Lobster Cove, Gaspe. Alexander F Adams Sr was my ggg-grandfather. We believe he married Rosanna Davis, his father was Abraham and mother Lucy Simpson. We have id'd 10 children of Alex Sr. Alex Jr was my gg-grandfather, but we are not sure if he was born in Gaspe or not...If the info that we have is correct Abraham's father was John H.F. Adams married to Frances B Hayden. We would like to connect with anyone who has any info, and we would be happy to share what we have.

Name: Michelle Gregoire
Time/Date Entered: 1:43 PM  -  4 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather, Horace Bourget, born in PercÚ
Town/Village/Area: PercÚ
Primary Family Names: Bourget
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: Grandfather, Horace Bourget, hailed from PercÚ

Name: Andre Mauger
Time/Date Entered: 1:15 PM  -  3 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: Pabos, Chandler, Shigawake, Douglaston
Town/Village/Area: Grand-River, Pasbebiac, Chandler, Ste-Adelaide
Primary Family Names: Mauger, Mc Ginnis, Aspiros, Lawrence, LeMarquand
Secondary Family Names: Brotherton, Murphy, Smith
Time Period: 1800-2003
Particulars: My father was Peter Mauger who was born on Feb 19, 1904. My grand father was also Peter Mauger. My grand father had brothers: Simon, Robert... and he had some sisters . I remember one of them Christine who married Micheal Murphy from Chandler. My ancestors were from the English Islands (Jersey or Guernesey)

Name: Lawrence Theodore Lecuyer
Time/Date Entered: 1:57 AM  -  14 Aug 2007
Gaspe Connection: Mother was born and raised in Maria.
Town/Village/Area: Maria
Primary Family Names: Cyr
Secondary Family Names: Audet
Time Period: Open
Particulars: My mother, Marie Blanche Cyr was born in Maria in 1910. Her entire family resided in Maria. Several emigarted to Detroit, Michigan in 1928 and remained there. I am particularly interested in locating her residence which sit's on a hill in Maria and overlooks the water. I have a photograph, should anyone care to review it. I am definitely interested in sharing information on the Cyr family, from which my mother originates. Her father is named Joseph Felix Cyr and mother, Marie Florence Ida Audet. Siblings include valmont,Ludger,Lucy Yvonne, Joseph Edgar, Edward Joseph, Diana and Marie Lena Cyr.

Name: Armand
Time/Date Entered: 5:46 AM  -  4 Aug 2007
Gaspe Connection: Grandparents and their ancesters
Town/Village/Area: Perce, Gaspebiac,etc
Primary Family Names: Cyr.Huard
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1700-1900
Particulars:  I am looking for anyone related to Cyr-Huard

Name: Teresa
Time/Date Entered: 12:12 AM  -  4 Aug 2007
Gaspe Connection: maternal grandparents
Town/Village/Area: Haldimand, Little Gaspe, etc
Primary Family Names: Price, Cunning, Emery
Secondary Family Names: Stanley, Rose, Tripp
Time Period: Early 1800s
Particulars: Alice Jane Price, daughter of John J. Price and Julia Ann Cunning, married William Emery. Looking to find out when and how the Prices came to theGaspe area. Looking forward to hearing from other people with these conections.

Name: Tracy Jackson
Time/Date Entered: 1:04 PM  -  3 Aug 2007
Gaspe Connection: Great Grandfather Joseph Bernier
Town/Village/Area: Matane Rimouski
Primary Family Names: Bernier
Secondary Family Names: Martin
Time Period: 1873-1903
Particulars: My granfather dies when my dad was 12 and I have little knowledge of this family tree. I believe my great grandfather Joseph Bernier was born in Matane approx 1874(from his wifes obit) or 1876(on his tomb stone)and died in 1932(wifes obit) or 1929 tomb stone. I tend to think the tomb stone would be right. He married Victoia Martin born 1871 in Argentieul PQ and died Sept 22 1941 in Rainy River ON, unknown date or place of marriage, and they arrived in Rainy River Ontario 1903-1906. There has been mention that his fathers name was Clovis or Cleophus, but I can not confirm this. I know they were Catholics. They had 5 children, Mary Rose, Aurora, Armand, Joseph (my grandfather) and George. This is really all the information I have. I have searched and searched but found nothing. Hope someone out there can give me a hand!

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