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Name: Leslie
Time/Date Entered: 6:42 PM  -  22 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: G-G-G Grandfather from Paspebiac born 1754
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac
Primary Family Names: Allain
Secondary Family Names: Bond
Time Period: 1754-1854
Particulars: Francois Allain -Isabelle Bergeron. I am descended through their son Joseph, born in 1807. Joseph married Henrietta Samson in Ans au Griffon.Their Son was Honore Henri born in 1836, who married Hortense Bond.

Name: jean welsh cormier
Time/Date Entered: 12:49 PM  -  21 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: magdalen islands
Town/Village/Area: entry island
Primary Family Names: welsh
Secondary Family Names: dickson
Time Period: 1800-1900
Particulars: I am loking for information on a james william welsh lived on entry island died there.I would like to know where he came from and did he have brother and sisters

Name: Linda Thompson
Time/Date Entered: 7:26 PM  -  18 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: Grandparents lived in Gaspe region
Town/Village/Area: Belle Anse or Malbaie (Malbay)
Primary Family Names: Leggo Allan and Laura
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: as far back as recorded
Particulars:  My grandparents immigrated from the Channel Islands ? which one,? Their children were Mansel, Vera, Wilton, Thelma and Beulah. I cannot remember if there were others. My mother was Beulah, she passed away in January, 1996:she left Gaspe as a young woman and married and lived in Ontario all of her life.She was the last of her siblings. My Grandfather was a fisherman and my grandmother operated a Restaurant and Cabins, after the second world war until her 70"s. I believe that she passed away around 1974-1976. I do not know when my grandfather passed away , it may have been in the 1960;s. I only met my grandfather twice as a child and I did see my grandmother a couple of more times as she spent some time with us after my grandfather died. I would love to hear any information that anyone may have concerning them, and I would also like to trace their family tree as far back as is available.

Name: linda mccrank
Time/Date Entered: 5:47 PM  -  18 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: ggrandparents
Town/Village/Area: pabos mills
Primary Family Names: hunt,murphy
Secondary Family Names: tremblay,furlotte,syvret?
Time Period: as far back as possible
Particulars: ggrandfather mother's side patrick murphy,ggrandmother elizabeth jane married thomas hunt,13 children, mother bertha hunt mccrank. I would like to know more about where and when both families came to Canada and from where.

Name: philip la pierre
Time/Date Entered: 12:11 PM  -  16 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: father,grandfather born there
Town/Village/Area: wakeham
Primary Family Names: la pierre
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1800`s
Particulars: father paul earnest ,grandfather-emile,great grandfather,cyrac

Name: Diane McDougall
Time/Date Entered: 5:09 PM  -  15 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: ggrandmother Jeannette Lonemore Morrison
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: MORRISON
Secondary Family Names: Lane, Allen, Assels
Time Period: 1795-1848
Particulars: My gggrandmother, Jeannette Morrison, b.1827 was the daughter of Hector Morrison and Jane Allen. Hector Morrison married Amelia Flowers after the death of Jane Allen in 1843 and emigrated to Upper Canada ca 1848. Hector Morrison was the s/o Hector Morrison and Ann Lane, who were early settlers of New Carlisle.

Name: Joanne Yule (nee Huard)
Time/Date Entered: 10:08 AM  -  8 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: Father Leo Huard & Mother Emma Mercier
Town/Village/Area: St George
Primary Family Names: elizabeth dupuis, william mercier/mary collin
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1920; 1924
Particulars: Looking for anyone related to my parents.

Name: Bill Willett
Time/Date Entered: 1:04 PM  -  7 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: Father, Thomas Willett, Born 1902
Town/Village/Area: Grand Cascapedia
Primary Family Names: Willett
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1850-1950
Particulars: My father Thomas Willett was born in 1902 in Grand Cascapedia. I am hoping to locate decendants of his family. He had brothers Bryce and Byron and sisters Ann, Ruth, and Viola. My father and uncle Bryce left home in their teenage years and my father never returned. My Uncle Byron was in The Royal Rifles in WWII. He visited us in Spokane Wa. in the late 1950's. Any information about the Willett family would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Lori Hardy
Time/Date Entered: 12:14 AM  -  1 Oct 2007
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather came from area
Town/Village/Area: Jersey Cove
Primary Family Names: Blanchette, Bois
Secondary Family Names: Breault, Bradley, Levesque, Bourdeau
Time Period: 1890
Particulars: Looking for information on the Blanchettes (Louis, Thomas, Caroline)and Malvina Bois that came from the Gaspe Peninsula. Malvina married Thomas, who died young, forcing her to split the six? children up - two going into an orphanage in Blind River, Ontario. Looking for any missing bits of information.

Name: Judy Davis
Time/Date Entered: 9:13 PM  -  29 Sep 2007
Gaspe Connection: Great Grand parents
Town/Village/Area: Cap Despoir, Cape Cove, LobsterCove
Primary Family Names: Cass, Beck
Secondary Family Names: Lucas
Time Period: 1790-1900
Particulars: Sarah Beck married Christopher Cass, both from Gaspe. Sarah Beck ( my GG grandmother) moved to Bad Axe, Michigan (1900 census). Marriage to Christopher was in 1853 in Cape Cove, between there and 1900 I have a gap. Possibly moved back to England? Would appreciate any help I can get and will share any info I have.

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