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Name: André Diotte
Time/Date Entered: 6:37 PM  -  20 Apr 2008
Gaspe Connection: Arrière grand-père né en gaspésie Xavier Diotte
Town/Village/Area: Pabos (Grande Rivière)
Primary Family Names: Diotte
Secondary Family Names: Diotte
Time Period: 1870 before
Particulars: Mon arrière grand-père est Xavier Diotte né en juillet 1967 et sa conjointe est Sophie né en octobre 1965. Ils ont eu 4 enfants. Voici leurs nom: Emérentienne Diotte né en avril 1897, Rodolphe Diotte né en novembre 1903, Blanche Diotte né en mars 1906, Albert Diotte (mon grand-père)né en janvier 1908. Je recherche toute information pertinente concernant cette famille. Merci.

Name: Kathleen Lorentzatos
Time/Date Entered: 2:11 PM  -  12 Apr 2008
Gaspe Connection: gggg grandparents
Town/Village/Area: Sandy Beach
Primary Family Names: Williamson, Alexander, Kitchen
Secondary Family Names: Cunning & Borrowdale
Time Period: 1768 to present
Particulars: Hi there, My mothers family has comefrom the Sandy beach area and I have been very lucky with getting information from the GaspeGen Web. I am looking to visit this summer and i would like to check local recors and cemetaries. Any tips? Kathleen

Name: Rosalie
Time/Date Entered: 9:39 AM  -  3 Apr 2008
Gaspe Connection: Mother born there
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Billingsley, Delaney, Starnes, Jacobsen
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1920 back
Particulars: My mother was born 2 Apr 1920 in New Carlisle to Beatrice Mary(May)Billingsley (b. 12 Mar 1906). Her parents were Osborne John S Billingsley (b. 1 May 1877) and Maude Maria Delaney (b. 15 Sep 1877). Herbert Stanley Jacobsen (b. 24 Oct 1901) was my grandfather. I am intersted in information about any of my ancestors, particularly my grandparents whom I never met. My mother was taken to Montreal as a young child and adopted there, and only discovered her roots in 1987.

Name: lucie baronet
Time/Date Entered: 8:23 AM  -  3 Apr 2008
Gaspe Connection: baronet-tremblay-huntingdon-syvret-lancup-stibre
Town/Village/Area: grande riviere--ste-therese de gaspe
Primary Family Names: baronet
Secondary Family Names: stibre
Time Period: 1500-1900
Particulars: german or other mercenaries

Name: Keith Sinclair
Time/Date Entered: 1:58 PM  -  29 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: Born in New Carlisle ,lived in Cullens Brook
Town/Village/Area: Bonaventure County
Primary Family Names: Father Sinclair Mother Ross, Thompson
Secondary Family Names: Campbell Tozer Woodman Flowers Astles Caldwell
Time Period: 1700 to date
Particulars: I am working on a family tree called Cullens Brook Quebec Sinclair Family Tree however am doing both sides of my parent's families . Is entered on , glad to share any info ,I still have alot of work to complete and would love hearing from anyone connected or with family info ,stories etc . Father was Robert Hayward Sinclair 1902-1987 , mother Alice Maude Ross 1906 to 1977 daughter of Andrew Leander Ross and Margaret Minnie Thompson . Thank you .

Name: Dwayne Wade McKenzie
Time/Date Entered: 11:16 AM  -  29 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: Bonaventure
Town/Village/Area: New Richmond, New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: McKenzie
Secondary Family Names: McNair
Time Period: 1800-Present
Particulars: Start with Me Dwayne Wade McKenzie DOB: January 23, 1979 Parents: Wade McKenzie and Ruth Payne Wade McKenzie DOB: July 1, 1957 Parents: Samuel McKenzie and Ada Payne Samuel McKenzie DOB: November 28, 1929 Parents: John Ernest McKenzie and Lillian Young John Ernest McKenzie DOB: May 1896 Parents: John Ernest McKenzie and Sarah Organ John Ernest McKenzie DOB: October 1864 Parents: Hugh McKenzie and Martha McNair Hugh McKenzie DOB: April 2, 1832 Parents: John McKenzie and Mary McNair John McKenzie DOB: 1797 +/- Parents: Unknown Married: Mary McNair DOB: May 04 1805

Name: manon chaumette
Time/Date Entered: 11:11 AM  -  21 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: William (Guillaume) Maloney birth1824 in Malbay
Town/Village/Area: malbay
Primary Family Names: maloney,melony,molloney
Secondary Family Names: Queen,Quinn
Time Period: 
Particulars: I HAVE QUITE A LOT ON MY GENEANET SITE FOR MALONEY'S DESCENDANTS;p=william;n=maloney;oc=2 LOOKING FOR DESCENDANTS OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF WILLIAM MALONEY 1824-1881 Harriet (Henriette) Maloney 1820-1892 SPOUSE John Lancaster, Elizabeth Maloney 1822-1881 William (Guillaume) Maloney 1824-1881 Philip (Philippe) Maloney 1826-1913 SPOUSE Mary White Henry Maloney 1829-1913 SPOUSE John Maloney 1831-1901 Mary (Marie) Caroline Maloney 1833-1913 SPOUSE John (Jean) Laurens dit Lawrence Thomas Maloney 1835-1917 SPOUSE Jane Urquhart, Edward (Edouard) "Ned" Maloney 1838-1921 SPOUSE Ellen Urquhart, Michael "Michel" Maloney 1839-1906 SPOUSE Marie "Adlade" Laurens dit Lawrence Charles "Charlie" Maloney 1843-1925 FIRST SPOUSE La Blais SECOND WIFE Elizabeth Poirier

Name: Dave Dechene
Time/Date Entered: 12:09 AM  -  16 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: Grandfathers bitrh place
Town/Village/Area: Cap Despoir
Primary Family Names: Dechene / Deschene
Secondary Family Names: Duchene
Time Period: 1750-1930
Particulars: I have records going back to a Piere Duchene marrying Catherine Sheyn in 1820 in the village of Cap d'Espoir a few my west of Perce rock.

Name: Mitchell
Time/Date Entered: 8:46 PM  -  11 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: great grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Barachois, Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Michel
Secondary Family Names: Francois
Time Period: 1800 to 1911
Particulars: Francois Michel was my great grandfather and Richard michel Mitchell was my grandfather

Name: Rosalie Douthwright
Time/Date Entered: 6:07 PM  -  6 Mar 2008
Gaspe Connection: My mother was born there
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Billingsley, Jacobsen
Secondary Family Names: Flowers
Time Period: 1920 back
Particulars: My mother was born to May Billingsley on April 2, 1920. She was given away to neighbours, the Buttles, and baptized Rosie Buttle.

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