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Name: Jo-Anne Hiscock
Time/Date Entered: 7:05 AM  -  22 Aug 2008
Gaspe Connection: G Grandfather Bourdages, G Grandfather Duguay
Town/Village/Area: Bonaventure Gaspe, Port Daniel & Cap d Espoir
Primary Family Names: Bourdages, Duguay, Loiselle
Secondary Family Names: Roussy, Mauger, Chapadeau, Alain,
Time Period: 1600 onward
Particulars: Jean Bourdages married Marie Dusau, (France) son Pierre, married Marie Anne Chevalier, had son Raymond married Esther Leblanc had son Benjamin Marie Bourdages born Bonaventure, Gaspe Quebec circa 1762 he was my ggg grandfather. He married Esther Bujold had a son Paul Damase Bourdages who married Luce Babin, they had a son who was my Great Grandfather Eugene Bourdages who married 2nd wife Christine Bujold who was the mother of my Grandfather Francois Xavier Bourdages (Frank). Duguay: Jacques Duguay married Louise Lemaitre, their son Rene dit Irenee Duguay married Marguerite Prejean LeBreton, Jean Marie dit Charlemagne Duguay married Mary Anne Sareau dit Oliver, Pierre Duguay Married Marthe Roussy, Had a son Romain Duguay He was my Great Grandfather. Romain was born in Port Daniel and his wife in Godfroi. They lived in Cap d Espoir. Romaine married Sophie Loiselle. My Grandfather was Francois Xavier Duguay who married Sarah Gagnon (her real last name was Gutcher) somehow it got changed to Gagnon. Romaine had other children also as did some of the others. I have this information and I have a great deal of information on all sides of my family which I will share if you are a descendant of these people. Jo-Anne

Name: shirley Dowd
Time/Date Entered: 3:48 PM  -  15 Aug 2008
Gaspe Connection: GGGrandfather
Town/Village/Area: Carleton, Bonaventure Co.
Primary Family Names: John Meagher and Joseph Meagher
Secondary Family Names: Mary Ann Mann Anastacie Dugas
Time Period: 1800 to 1888
Particulars: John and Emma Jane Harrington Meagher were my great grandparents. Apparently lived in Nouvelle on the Gaspe Penninsula. John was said to have a Salmonery business in Dalhousie, N.B. inherited from his father, Joseph Meagher. They had 12 children only 5 survived. They emigrated to Oregon in the U.S. about 1885-1888.

Name: Estelle Marie Destrampe-Laru
Time/Date Entered: 6:21 PM  -  10 Aug 2008
Gaspe Connection: Mother (Marie Esther Dery ) born there
Town/Village/Area: Barachois, Gaspre
Primary Family Names: Dery,
Secondary Family Names: Bacon
Time Period: 1800- 1970
Particulars: Mother, She went by Esther Dery, was born to Joseph Alfred Dery and Marie Aurilie Bacon on April 3 1908. Her Godparents were Alfred Bacon and Angelique-Annie Dery. Mother moved to Montreal around 1925 to work there She met then married my father (Rene' Destrampe) in 1929. They moved to his family home in Houghton Michigan in 1931. She had two brothers Clarence who married and had 10 children moved to Montreal around 1964. James who never married and who we beleive died in Gaspre around 1962 and a sister Bertha who also went to Montreal around 1927. We do not beleive she ever married. This is all we know about her family. Any other information would be helpful. Clarence's children are possibly still in Montreal and would be between the ages of 45 to 60. If you are one of them please write.

Name: Jackie
Time/Date Entered: 2:48 PM  -  9 Aug 2008
Gaspe Connection: grand-father, great-grand-father
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe area
Primary Family Names: Audet-dit-Lapointe & Lapointe
Secondary Family Names: Gaumond
Time Period: 1850-1945
Particulars: My grand-father was Xavier Lapointe whom married Henriette Gaumond in 1911 at Barachois, Qb. I'm looking for descendants on the Gaumond side of the family. My great-grand-father was Jules Gaumond married to Alvina Denis.

Name: michael jeannotte
Time/Date Entered: 8:50 PM  -  30 Jul 2008
Gaspe Connection: Father Clement Jeannotte
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe city
Primary Family Names: Franklin,Romeo,
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1900 to 1961
Particulars: Grandfather and father born in Gaspe Grandfather Romeo Jeannotte, married to a Doris ? Had a brother called Franklin. Name is of Micmac origin.

Name: Francie Smith Heagney
Time/Date Entered: 3:32 PM  -  9 Jul 2008
Gaspe Connection: Daniel Scott / Mary Ann Walsh(my gg-grandparents)
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown, PQ
Primary Family Names: Scott
Secondary Family Names: Thomas Walshand MaryKennedymy ggg-grandparents
Time Period: 1815 and beyond
Particulars: From a speech given by Father Michel le Moignan (which I received a few years back from Fr. LeMoignan while researching) it seems like my ancestor Daniel Scott was from Scotland and was a survivor of the shipwreck Penelope in 1815. I am trying to verify where he is from and why he came to Quebec. Our family's verbal history gave the impression he was English.Another document I have (his baptism as a catholic)mentions he is a native of Devonshire? Daniel was married to Elizabth LeRhe and had 5 children, one a son also named Daniel Scott b.1816. Daniel (Jr.) remained in Douglastown while his father did not stay after 1829.I have unearthed quite a story (verified)about Daniel Scott b.1792.I am puzzled by the death notice of Elizabeth (1849) which states Daniel died at same time and was buried with her but he was long gone from Gaspe by then and alive until 1870. I have proof he is the same man but want to clarify things.

Name: Luc Goulet
Time/Date Entered: 2:36 AM  -  7 Jul 2008
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Maria
Primary Family Names: Goulet
Secondary Family Names: Joannette
Time Period: 1900
Particulars: Father = David Goulet Grandfather = Louis-Philippe Goulet

Name: Michael Landry
Time/Date Entered: 10:18 PM  -  6 Jul 2008
Gaspe Connection: ggggrandfather Nicolas Landry
Town/Village/Area: Carleton-St.Omer
Primary Family Names: Landry
Secondary Family Names: Allard
Time Period: 1770-1845
Particulars: I have a complete genealogy of my grandfather, Pierre Honore Landry (born 1889 in St. Omer) dating back to Rene Landry (l’aine, born in Acadia in 1618). My grandfather Pierre immigrated from St.Omer to Detroit in 1919. I am seeking information about Pierre’s great-grandfather, Nicolas Landry, who married Helene Bugeald in Carleton in 1803. I have been told that Nicolas and his brother, whose name I do not know, may have been founders of Carleton. Also, descendants of Pierre Honore Landry and his wife, Corinne Allard, are planning a reunion in 2009 in St. Omer in conjunction with the World Acadian Congress (,) in New Brunswick. Contact me if you would like more information. J'ai une généalogie complète de mon grand-père, Pierre Honore Landry (né dans 1889 dans Saint Omer) datant de Rene Landry (l’aine, né dans Acadia en 1618). Mon grand-père Pierre a immigré de Saint. Omer à Detroit en 1919. Je cherche des renseignements sur l'arrière-grand-père de Pierre, Nicolas Landry, qui s'est marié avec Helene Bugeald dans Carleton en 1803. On m'a dit que Nicolas et son frère, dont je ne sais pas le nom, peuvent avoir été des fondateurs de Carleton. Aussi, les descendants de Pierre Honore Landry et sa femme, Corinne Allard, planifient une réunion en 2009 dans Saint Omer dans conjonction avec le Congrès acadien Mondial (, dans Nouveau Brunswick. Contactez-moi si vous voudriez plus de renseignements.

Name: Ryan Miller
Time/Date Entered: 10:19 AM  -  3 Jul 2008
Gaspe Connection: Loisel (Loiselle) and Duguay
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada
Primary Family Names: Loisel (Loiselle), Duguay
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1900 and earlier
Particulars: My Grandfather (Maternal) Emile Loisel, Came to the USA in 1927 (or 1929) from Canada (Last name changed once in USA to the spelling Loisel). He was Originally from the Paspebiac, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada area born August 12, 1901. He Married Marie Jean Tremblay. His Parents were Andre Loiselle (1869 - 1935) born and died in Paspebiac, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada - Mother Marie J. Duguay (Marie Jeanne Duguay) no birth or death info. Emile Loisel and His Wife Marie Loisel (Temblay) had four Children - Joesph (Don) Loisel, Janet Miller (Loisel), Delores Sheridan (Loisel), and Dean Loisel. As Children they would spend time with relatives there in the summer. Looking for information or anyone who may be able to help!

Name: Arthur J Levesque
Time/Date Entered: 11:39 AM  -  26 Jun 2008
Gaspe Connection: Grandparents, uncles, cousins
Town/Village/Area: St Pascal, St Damase, Baie des Sables
Primary Family Names: Levesque, Guimond
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1650 to present
Particulars: I have pretty much covered my paternal side. Im stymied with tracing the maternal (Guimond) side. I can find nothing beyond my maternal great grandfather Hoseph p guimond Born somewhere in Quebec. He married Rasa Guay Born 1878 somewhere in the Gaspe. My maternal Grandmother Marie Blanche Saucier was born in Baie des Sables 9 july 1899. her mother Malvina Levesque was born around 1870 in St Damase. That is as far as I could trace.

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