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Name: Tina
Time/Date Entered: 2:07 AM  -  26 Dec 2008
Gaspe Connection: William Huntington 1759 to Living Ancestors
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle, Hope Town etc. (Gaspé Coast)
Primary Family Names: HUNTINGTON
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1784 - Present
Particulars:  Ancestors wanting to exchange information welcome. Are you related? If you stem from these towns there is a strong possibility : ) Also in the initial stages of the Huntington's of Eastern Canada 2010 Reunion. Write to be on mail list, web-site development will be determined by interest level. English or French - we have plenty of bi-lingual cousins.

Name: Barb
Time/Date Entered: 3:06 AM  -  16 Dec 2008
Gaspe Connection: anticosti
Town/Village/Area: fox bay
Primary Family Names: baker, troke . 1
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1875
Particulars: Looking for the maiden name of Sophia Baker married to Robert Baker .She was my ggrandmother and died on Anticosti on Jan.29 1875 .She was born approx. 1817-1827. I want to know more details about her.

Name: Glenn Wightman
Time/Date Entered: 1:56 AM  -  1 Dec 2008
Gaspe Connection: Mother
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Renouf and Imhoff
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: ongoing
Particulars: Spent summers at my Grand Parents farm.

Name: Margie Pierson
Time/Date Entered: 8:31 AM  -  29 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: Grandmother
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe Coast
Primary Family Names: Campbell
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: late 1800
Particulars: We are looking for Lucinda Campbell's family from Scotland.

Name: Leo Paul Joseph
Time/Date Entered: 10:53 PM  -  23 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: ggggrandfather
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac, Bonnaventure County
Primary Family Names: Benjamin Joseph (Killer)
Secondary Family Names: Joseph
Time Period: Late 1700 Early 1800
Particulars: Suposedly Joseph Mic Mac Indian went to Portugal, Married Marie Jesu from Alcobasso,Leiria,Portugal, who had a son called Benjamin Born in 1776 and married Theotiste Huard in 1802 .

Name: Richard J Smith
Time/Date Entered: 4:51 PM  -  17 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: Gabriel Audet dit LaPointe g,g,g,g,grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Carleton
Primary Family Names: LaPointe
Secondary Family Names: Ferland
Time Period: 1700s
Particulars: Gabriel's son Charles moved across the bay to Nash Creek, Jacquet River/Belledune area & is buried in the yard of St. Joseph's RC church.

Name: Mark Favreau
Time/Date Entered: 12:58 PM  -  8 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: My gggg grandother died around Sandy Beach in 1867
Town/Village/Area: Sandy Beach
Primary Family Names: Ker or Kerr
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1861 - 1867
Particulars: Ester Weld Ker died in the Sandy Beach area on Aug 21st 1867. She lived with her son the Rev Mathew Ker who was a minister in the Church of England.

Name: Janet Chartrand
Time/Date Entered: 5:13 PM  -  3 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: Philip R. LeGallais Born 1827 in Jersey Island
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: LeGallais
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1860-present
Particulars: I am looking for living relatives of Hazel Gertrude LeGallais, my grandmother, born in Paspebiac in 1894 She Married Charles James Fox form Ireland and moved to Vancouver, B.C. There may be some cousins of hers that have living relatives still in Gaspe. I would love to meet them. I have no known living LeGallais relatives left that I know of. But hopefully, I am wrong about that. Please e-mail me and visit my family tree on it is called the Fox Family Tree.

Name: David Dobson
Time/Date Entered: 12:03 AM  -  2 Nov 2008
Gaspe Connection: descendant of Charles Dobson
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Dobson
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: before 1783
Particulars: I know that Charles Dobson arrived with the original group of Loyalist settlers at New Carlisl and that he had earlier married Ann Spencer in Montreal in 1783...but I can't seem to find out where they came from in the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. Can you help me?thanks!

Name: Patricia Davidoski
Time/Date Entered: 8:12 PM  -  25 Oct 2008
Gaspe Connection: Grandmother
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Emma Thompson
Secondary Family Names: Charles Riehl
Time Period: 1800 - 1900
Particulars: My grandmother was born in Gaspe, in 1899 or 1900. She was the daughter of Charles and Emma Riehl. She moved from Gaspe to Montreal when she was 16, and then moved to NY. She had 3 sisters, and I think 4 brothers. I think her brother Norman lived in the house she was born. I would love to know where the house is. My husband and I are planning a trip to Gaspe in 2009.

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