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Name: Rick McCarthy
Time/Date Entered: 6:30 PM  -  29 Oct 2010
Gaspe Connection: Great grand and grand parents Born
Town/Village/Area: St Omer Boneventure
Primary Family Names: McCarthy
Secondary Family Names: Philippe
Time Period: 1914
Particulars: My Great Grandfather (John William McCarthy) lived in the St Omer area 1914 and married Henriette Philippe born St Omer Bonaventure. They had six children 4 born on the Gaspe. Joseph Jean Philippe McCarthy b. St Omer, Mary Mable McCarthy b. St Omer, Mary May McCarthy, Marcel Joseph McCarthy b.Amgui . Looking for info on the parents of John William McCarthy and Henriette Philippe. John and Henriette moved to Northern Ontario (North Bay) where they lived out their lives .

Name: Faye Gallie Massey
Time/Date Entered: 10:41 PM  -  28 Oct 2010
Gaspe Connection: Gallie and Scott
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac and New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Gallie
Secondary Family Names: Scott
Time Period: 1805 to present
Particulars: Interested in hearing from anyone related to these families.

Name: James Fontaine
Time/Date Entered: 12:15 AM  -  4 Oct 2010
Gaspe Connection: grandmother and previous generations
Town/Village/Area: Gascons
Primary Family Names: Morin
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1930
Particulars: Looking for any Morins from Gaspe. My gandmother is Genevieve Morin (nee 1925) and she had many siblings including Georgette, Phillemon, Simonne, Alvina (nee 1917). Her mother was Isabelle, uncles included Ernest. I recently asked my grandmere who is still alive :) and well at 85 years young, and she said her grandparents were also from the area so I'm assuming my family was there for a couple centuries at least.... I was told they lived in Gascons and had a farm. My great grandfather and great grandmother I believe were 2nd cousins or something along the lines so they might have had similar lineage. Anyone who has relatives from that area I would love to learn the history and culture. I was taught to play the fiddle from my great Aunt Alvina who passed away a few years ago. I was always inquisitive of their lifestyle in the past before television and materialistic needs....

Name: Jon Travers
Time/Date Entered: 1:20 PM  -  21 Sep 2010
Gaspe Connection: Great Grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Shigawake
Primary Family Names: Travers
Secondary Family Names: Norwood
Time Period: 1865-2010
Particulars: Great Grandfather Reuben Percival Travers Grandfather Herbert Travers Father Herbert Norwood Travers Me Jon Travers

Name: Brian Halbert
Time/Date Entered: 9:55 AM  -  18 Sep 2010
Gaspe Connection: Great great Grandmother & Grandfather
Town/Village/Area: New Richmond, New Carlisle Bonaventure County
Primary Family Names: McCormick, Mc Ewan, McEwe, McLeod, McRae
Secondary Family Names: McLelland, McLellan
Time Period: 1790 to present
Particulars: We cannot seem to find siblings of family memebers and we are trying to trace what happened to Alexander McEwan's parents He has a brother named Samuel who spells his name Mc Ewen We found a Margaret McEwan on the census form aged 27 but do not know if it is their mother aunt or a sibling Can't trace their father

Name: Andrew Carter
Time/Date Entered: 7:09 AM  -  14 Sep 2010
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather Kingsley Carter lived there
Town/Village/Area: Murdochville?
Primary Family Names: Kingsley Carter, Andrew T. Carter
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: early 20th century
Particulars: Apparently the Carter home was an old Nunnery, in Murdochville or Gaspe.. there were also Carter Wharves run by my grandfater

Name: David Johnson
Time/Date Entered: 10:11 PM  -  12 Sep 2010
Gaspe Connection: paternal grandfather Peter Matthew Johnson
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe Bay
Primary Family Names: Johnson, Girard
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1800s
Particulars: I'm just starting to look for my ancestors. I'm looking for info on my great grand parents - Henry Johnson and Lauretta Girard. They were married in 1894 in the Gaspe. They had three children, Peter, Mary and Nell. Peter is my paternal grandfather (b. Jan. 1895). As well, any information on the family of Lauretta Girard would be appreciated. My father told me that Laureeta came from the island of Jersey and had one other sone prior to marrying Henry by the name of John Durway. Henry is supposedly from Sweden. Any information on Henry and Lauretta would be of interest. Thanks and Regards!

Name: John Broadbent
Time/Date Entered: 7:29 PM  -  5 Sep 2010
Gaspe Connection: Bourgaize - Mothers Family
Town/Village/Area: Grand Graves (I think)
Primary Family Names: Bourgaize
Secondary Family Names: Beashore (SP)
Time Period: 1900
Particulars: My monther's family moved from Gaspe to Montreal, there name was Bourgaize - my Grandmother was a Beashore (SP) - would like to find out a lot more.

Name: Carole DOIRON Levesque
Time/Date Entered: 5:51 PM  -  17 Aug 2010
Gaspe Connection: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins
Town/Village/Area: St-Francois- Assise
Primary Family Names: Doiron, Arsenault
Secondary Family Names: Francoeur, Gallant, Chiasson, Pitre
Time Period: 
Particulars: I believe that I have traced my descendants to Jean Doiron & Marie-Anne DeCanol. Living in Montreal, my parents moved to Ontario in 1969. Since the death of my father in 1999, I lost contact with the Doiron side of my family. Dad was the last in his family (his brother and sisters are all deceased). My great grandfather was Gamaniel (Gamaleel) Doiron (8e generation), m. Marie Gallant Children: Alexis Etienne Hebert Alice Doline My grand- father: Laurent Doiron (9e generation) , m. Madeleine Arsenault Children: Sylvina, m. Antoine Gallant Edith, m. Isaac Doiron Lumina, m. Omer Francoeur Philomene, m. Fidel Gallant Lucienne, m. Gervais Chiasson Louis, m. Angelina Pitre My father : Clement Doiron (10e generation), m. Emma Therrien Children: Carole (me) m, Gaston Levesque (deceased) Nicole I'd like to commnicate with someone who could contine the "tree" - put all the information up to date / as of today. I don't know what to do / who to contact. I'm looking for by relatives - my roots - my cousins. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Carole Doiron - Levesque 2 575 rue Victor Rockland, Ontario K4K 1E5 Email : Facebook : Carole Levesque

Name: dorothy pollock
Time/Date Entered: 6:24 PM  -  16 Aug 2010
Gaspe Connection: mother and maternal connections
Town/Village/Area: douglastown
Primary Family Names: gaul, holland
Secondary Family Names: lehre
Time Period: 1800-1900
Particulars: interested in history of families and when came to gaspe

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