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Name: Clairette LeBreux Mueller
Time/Date Entered: 12:21 PM  -  16 Aug 2011
Gaspe Connection: birth place
Town/Village/Area: Grande Riviere
Primary Family Names: LeBreux, Trepanier,Lapierre, LaFontaine
Secondary Family Names: Dube, methot Thibodeau
Time Period: 1850-1990
Particulars: My Mother was Simone Dube,Fille de Joseph William Dube, birth - 1948, qui fut le fils de Joseph Lazare Dube & Marie Dorothe LaFontaine Her mother was Azilda Lapierre 1898-1982 fille de Joseph Lapierre 1866 - 1942, & & Marie Elizabeth Methot, I am trying to find out when did my ancestors came to Grande Riviere, and from where? On the paternal side, my father was Gerard LeBreux 1912-1991 fils de Joseph Octave LeBreux ?-1941 & Marie Catherine Trepanier ?-1965.

Name: nancy
Time/Date Entered: 1:16 PM  -  9 Aug 2011
Gaspe Connection: family
Town/Village/Area: matane
Primary Family Names: mcmullen
Secondary Family Names: dugas
Time Period: 1800-1900
Particulars: I believe i have found my great grandfather..Godrick McMullen (1871)married to emma desjardns (1868) some of the children match up, but not all. i seem to have hit a wall, need breakthrough.

Name: Marilyn Devouge
Time/Date Entered: 12:03 AM  -  9 Aug 2011
Gaspe Connection: Parents both born in Gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Barachois West
Primary Family Names: DeVouge
Secondary Family Names: Chicoyne
Time Period: 1912-1995
Particulars: Both my parents were born in Gaspe, my father was Cecil Devouge, who moved to Cheticamp in the 1930's to work for Robin Jones and Whitman. Mom married my father (she was a Chicoyne) and moved to Cheticamp with my father, then to Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Dad was very active with the Masons in Nova Scotia, Mother was a french teacher.

Name: Linda Smith
Time/Date Entered: 1:51 AM  -  8 Aug 2011
Gaspe Connection: Garnet Smith
Town/Village/Area: Port Daniel
Primary Family Names: Smith
Secondary Family Names: Hottot
Time Period: 1888-2000
Particulars: Searching for George Smith(born in 1888) and Katharine Rita Huntington(born August 5, 1903. Relatives and ancestors. Possibly New Carlisle or Shigawake also.

Name: nancy p moreau steck
Time/Date Entered: 8:36 PM  -  30 Jul 2011
Email: nancysteck@hotmail,com
Gaspe Connection: grand river
Town/Village/Area: grand river
Primary Family Names: Dowling, Bisson, Bourget Moreau
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1875- present
Particulars: my great grandmother kathleen dowling came over from ireland and married ambroise bourget some time in 1885 or so . my grandmother blanche bission married louis bisson he was the mayor of grand river in early 1900 he started a construction buisness was killed in a car accident in 1939 he was 39, my mother lina bisson was raised in grand river and I visited many summers in the sixty and seventy and eighty my uncle lives there today

Name: Marie Claire LeBreux
Time/Date Entered: 12:16 PM  -  23 Jul 2011
Gaspe Connection: Birth place
Town/Village/Area: Grande Riviere
Primary Family Names: LeBreux
Secondary Family Names: Dube
Time Period: 1845 - 1945
Particulars: mother Simone Dube, fille de William Dube & Azilda Lapierre, fille de Joseph Lapierre Father Gerard LeBreux, fils de Octave LeBreux & Catherine Trepanier

Name: Carry Budd
Time/Date Entered: 10:11 AM  -  15 Jul 2011
Gaspe Connection: Family is from there
Town/Village/Area: New Richmond
Primary Family Names: Willett, Peterson
Secondary Family Names: Budd
Time Period: any
Particulars: I am looking for any info on my Gaspe family..we spent many summers on the coast and both my parents are gone now and I am hoping someone can help me find my family... Thanks

Name: David Clark
Time/Date Entered: 3:54 PM  -  3 Jul 2011
Gaspe Connection: Joseph Goodwillie & Jacob Teague 1784/5
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Goodwillie, Teague (Tague, Deek, Deeck, Tage,Take)
Secondary Family Names: Young, Blyth, Dynes
Time Period: 1790 - 1808
Particulars: Joseph Goodwillie, U.E., Private Jessup's Rangers, m. Anna Maria Deeck in New Carlisle 1785 or 6. Anna (aka Mary Ann)was daughter of Jacob Teague, U.E., Private KRRNY and Butler's Rangers. Their daughter Mary Goodwillie m. Thomas Young. Their daughter Eliza Young m. Robert Blyth. Their son William T. Blyth m. Elizabeth Towst Foster. Their daughter Nettie Young Blyth m. Theron B. Dynes in 1912 in SK. Joseph Goodwillie is my 4th G Grandfather and Jacob Teague is my 5th G Grandfather.

Name: James P Kennedy
Time/Date Entered: 9:01 PM  -  29 Jun 2011
Gaspe Connection: 5th great grandson of William Kennedy,
Town/Village/Area: PICKERING
Primary Family Names: Kennedy
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1791-1928
Particulars: 5th great grandson of William Kennedy. Grandson of William Scott Kennedy who was the son of Wilfred Kennedy who was the son of Issac Kennedy who was the son of Michael Kennedy who was the son of Thomas Kennedy who was the son of William Kennedy who came to Douglastown in around 1791. I would like to learn more about William Kennedy.

Name: Rose Imbeault
Time/Date Entered: 11:28 PM  -  20 Jun 2011
Gaspe Connection: born in Grande Rivière
Town/Village/Area: Grande Rivière
Primary Family Names: Imbeault, Lafontaine, Couture
Secondary Family Names: dugal, roussy
Time Period: 
Particulars: Left Grande Rivière in 1959. Now live in Ottawa.

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