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Name: Faye Mary (Howell) Walsh
Time/Date Entered: 2:22 PM  -  17 May 2012
Gaspe Connection: Albert Leo Howell
Town/Village/Area: Sandy Beach Gaspe Quebec
Primary Family Names: Howell
Secondary Family Names: Walsh
Time Period: 1920-2009
Particulars: I would like to find, some information, about my family.

Name: Diane
Time/Date Entered: 3:18 PM  -  4 May 2012
Gaspe Connection: Jean "John" DESPARD (Greatgrandfather)
Town/Village/Area: Percé (where the Gîte Despard is now located)
Primary Family Names: Despard, Savard,
Secondary Family Names: Garrett, Beaudin, Methot,
Time Period: 1800-1880
Particulars: I'd like to trace the Despard either back to France or Ireland or England. Not sure if they were originally French or English.

Name: Barry LeGrand
Time/Date Entered: 5:14 PM  -  3 May 2012
Gaspe Connection: 2nd great grand-uncle
Town/Village/Area: Cape Cove, Gaspé
Primary Family Names: LeGrand
Secondary Family Names: Dumaresq, Cass, Tostevin
Time Period: 1800 to present
Particulars: John LeGrand b c1802 in Jersey, Channel Islands had at least 9 children (1)John my 2nd great grandfather (2) William Amice (went by William Alfred) a mariner sailmaker who lived in Lancashire, Eng. (3) James believed to have gone to the Quebec City area m to a Cass and (4) Alfred William LeGrand. Alfred settled in Cape Cove and m Susan Dumaresq and after her death m her sister Elizabeth. I had gathered information on John Philip LeGrand (one time mayor of Paspebiac) but could not find a connection to my family. Interesting in sharing LeGrand information.

Name: Ronald Marcel Arsenault
Time/Date Entered: 12:51 AM  -  2 May 2012
Gaspe Connection: Grand father Joseph Napoléon Arsenault
Town/Village/Area: Caplan, Bonaventure, Grande Rivière, Pabos
Primary Family Names: Arsenault, Francoeur, Bernatchez, Diotte-Guillot
Secondary Family Names: Roussy, Larocque, Caplan, Giraud dit St-jean, Aubu
Time Period: 1600-1950
Particulars: ARSENAULT: Joseph Napoléon Arsenault, born:29 Sep 1905 in Caplan, Québec; married Madelaine Francoeur, born 22 May 1910. Thomas Arsenault, born 17 Jun 1875 in Caplan, married Marie Bujold born 1880 Felix Arsenault, born 07 Jan 1848, in Bonaventure, married Sara Guitard, born 9 Jan 1853; Charles Arenault, born 27 Oct 1818, in Bonaventure, married Suzanne Hébert, born Bonaventure; Nicolas Arsenault, born 17 Jan 1790 in Bonaventure, married Marguerite Lea Arbour, born: 27 Dec 1790 in Bonaventure; Grégoire Arsenault, born 1765 in Gaspé County, married Théotiste Bourg, born 1772; Joseph Arsenault, born 01 Jun 1733 in Beaubassin, Acadia, married Marguerite Bugeaud, born 1728 in Grand Pré, Acadia; Charles Arsenault, born 1690 in Beaubassin, Acadia, married Francoise Mirande, born 1692, in Beaubassin, Acadia; Pierre Arsenault, born 1646 in France, the First to arrive in Acadia , Port Royal. married Marguerite Dugas, m2. Marie Guérin FRANCOEUR: Madelaine Francoeur, born 22 May 1910, in Petit Pabos, married Joseph N. Arsenault, born 29 Dec 1905 in Caplan; Narcisse Francoeur, Ste-Florence, married Angelique Roussy born 11 Dec 1870 in Paspebiac; ROUSSY; Angelique Roussy born 11 Dec 1870 in Paspébiac, married Narcisse Francoeur; Hilaire Roussy, born 13 Jan 1822, married Suzanne Blais; Hilaire Roussy born 1799, married Ursule Aubut born 1798; Pierre-Léon Roussy, born 1763, Paspébiac, married Genevieve Parisé, born 1769; Pierre-Léon Roussy, born 1726, married Anne Chapados, born 1742 (Amérindienne );daughter of: Jean Chapados et Catherine Larocque; daughter of Francois Larocque, born 1864, married Marguerite Caplan (Amérindienne Micmac); daughter of : Guillaume Caplan, France, married in 1699 Marguerite Caplan ( Mother, Micmac Caplan) born 1680 Restigouche BERNATCHEZ: Marie Amanda Bernatchez, born 29 Sept 1915, McKinnon Hill,(Richardsville, Campbellton, N.B.) married Edmond Diotte born 1912 in Grande Rivière; Louis Bernatchez, born 1890, married Marie Jeanne (jane) Loubert; Isidore Bernatchez, born 1844, married Marguerite Agathe Francoeur, born 1857; Didace Bernatchez, born 1805, married Marie Stibre, born 1820; daughter of; Joseph Mathew Stibre, born 1787, married Hélène Allain, born 1788, daughter of; Francois Alain et Catherine Huard, daughter of; Francois Huard et de Catherine Duguay; Pierre Huard et de Catherine Caplan born 1706 (Amérindienne Micmac); daughter of; Guillaume Caplan, France, married in 1699 Marguerite Caplan ( Mother, Micmac Caplan) born 1680 in Restigouche and died in Pabos, BERNARD: Joseph Bernard, born 1692 in Beaubassin, Acadia married Marguerite Arsenault, born 1718, daughter of Charles Arsenault born 1690 and Francois Mirande; René Bernard, born 1663, married Madeleine Doucet, born 1671, Port Royal, Acadia André Bernard, born 1620 in France, first to arrived in Port Royal, Acadia, married m1. Marie Andrée Guyon born, 1616, m2. Amérindienne Micmac (nom inconnu) marriage a eu lieu Fort La Tour, St-Jean River, Acadia.

Name: Jacue morin
Time/Date Entered: 3:21 PM  -  27 Apr 2012
Gaspe Connection: Bonaventure
Town/Village/Area: Schoolbred
Primary Family Names: Laviolette
Secondary Family Names: Bujold
Time Period: 1800 1900
Particulars: Emesie laviolette was my great grandfather

Name: Beverley Beaudette
Time/Date Entered: 9:06 PM  -  25 Apr 2012
Gaspe Connection: Morris Family Crottie Family
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown Gaspe Bay
Primary Family Names: Morris
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: My grandmother Elizabeth Ann (May) Morris left Douglastown on or around 1921/22. She was a single woman and pregnant. She went to Toronto, Ontario and had her child, my mother, Dorothy Morris. I am looking for any family member who would have know my grandmother and I am particularly interested finding out who was the father of my mother. Also, I am wondering if anyone has any info on when the Morris Reunion would be? Thanks for your help.

Name: Wendy
Time/Date Entered: 3:22 PM  -  24 Apr 2012
Gaspe Connection: father born and raised there
Town/Village/Area: Belle-Anse
Primary Family Names: Boyle
Secondary Family Names: Chicoine
Time Period: Left in 1940s - Montreal
Particulars: Joseph Nelson Boyle is my father's name. He is the son of James Boyle and Maryellen Chicoine. The birth records were, apparently, lost in a church fire. He was one of many children, including: Abbigale, Winifred, Eva, Stella, Mary, Olive, James, Eugene, Larry (Lorenzo). My dad now has Alzheimer's disease and is slowly loosing his memories. Not many pictures exist - none from his childhood. If anyone has information or pictures they are willing to share, I would be forever grateful.

Name: Carol
Time/Date Entered: 4:33 PM  -  9 Apr 2012
Gaspe Connection: Leggo
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe Bay
Primary Family Names: Leggo, Prosper Compagnon, sheppard
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1830 to present
Particulars: I am looking for a birth record for John Alexander Leggo born June 12, 1870. I need to prove that he is the son of Reuben William Leggo From Gaspe Bay. He is listed as being born in Newfoundland but no record can be found.

Name: Armand (Paul) Kenny
Time/Date Entered: 12:52 AM  -  5 Apr 2012
Email: or
Gaspe Connection: My Grandfather retired in Paspebiac.
Town/Village/Area: Causapscal
Primary Family Names: Kenny
Secondary Family Names: Kenney
Time Period: 1911-1946
Particulars: My grandfather James Kenny married Charlotte Duguay Jan 10 1911 in Paspebiac. They left and moved to Montreal but he returned in his later years to retired and was buried in Causapscal QC. Looking for information.

Name: Cheryl
Time/Date Entered: 10:46 PM  -  9 Mar 2012
Gaspe Connection: Grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Port Daniels
Primary Family Names: Mann
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1850 to 1900
Particulars: I believe I am a descendant of the "Mann Settlement." I know I have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins from this area. I somehow remember the name Alexander Willie Mann but no idea about my grandmother? I was born in Ontario and have never visited this area. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

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