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Name: Norma Mary Morris
Time/Date Entered: 7:49 PM  -  20 Apr 2013
Gaspe Connection: Morris
Town/Village/Area: Little Pabos, Co Gaspe, Quebec, Canada
Primary Family Names: Morris, White, Prendergast, ONeil, McNeil
Secondary Family Names: Hayes, Hamilton,
Time Period: 1700 to present
Particulars: Willia Morris of Mayo?, Ireland married Margaret Prendergast of Ireland. Their son, Jasper married Johanna O'Neil in Gaspe in 1827

Name: jacques grenier
Time/Date Entered: 12:15 PM  -  15 Apr 2013
Gaspe Connection: grand-father simon grenier 1853-1937
Town/Village/Area: perce, newport
Primary Family Names: simon, susan, gregoire
Secondary Family Names: grenier, leboutillier, thorpe
Time Period: 1797
Particulars: simon grenier (1853-1937) doctor, son of gregoire and victoire grenier from newport. Married to Susan Leboutillier (1867-1951) in Perce 11 September 1988

Name: Maureen Kennedy
Time/Date Entered: 5:29 PM  -  12 Apr 2013
Gaspe Connection: Charles Ernest Kennedy
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Kennedy
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: Grandfather was Charles Ernest Kennedy born 1879

Name: Robert Fortier
Time/Date Entered: 11:59 PM  -  27 Mar 2013
Gaspe Connection: My wife G.G.G.Grand-Father
Town/Village/Area: New Port, Gaspe & Caraquette, New Brunswick
Primary Family Names: Francois Xavier Genest
Secondary Family Names: Mary Phan
Time Period: 1650? - 1864
Particulars: Francois Xavier was born August 15, 1864 in Caraquette, New Brunswick. The father of Francois Xavier above, was also called Francois Xavier and the mother went by the name of Mary Phane. Mary was born in New Port, Gaspe. Not sure if Mary and Francois had other children. No other information can be found on Francois Xavier/Mary Phane. So, I am stuck here. If someone had the Genest Family Tree to the 1600 hundreds, this would be nice. Robert

Time/Date Entered: 1:31 PM  -  26 Feb 2013
Town/Village/Area: BARACHOIS
Primary Family Names: GIRARD
Secondary Family Names: st croix, bourget
Time Period: 1900 - 1998
Particulars: tracing grandmother family

Name: Brighid Orlyk
Time/Date Entered: 6:56 PM  -  25 Feb 2013
Gaspe Connection: grandmother from there
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: McCabe, Walsh, Campbell, Gaul, Kennedy
Secondary Family Names: McCrae, Whelan
Time Period: since 1784 to early 20th
Particulars: Looking for grandmother's line both paternal and maternal. Patenal line is Martin and Nicolas McCabe from Sligo Ireland, maternal may be Walsh, Campbell, Gaul. I believe we are from William Kennedy, a loyalist from Tryon County, NY through his daughter Mary. My great, great grandmother was Alqonquin Cree, do not know her name or how she fits in.

Name: karen
Time/Date Entered: 11:00 PM  -  18 Feb 2013
Gaspe Connection: la grande riviere gaspe
Town/Village/Area: district-l anse-du-cap
Primary Family Names: romain duguay/ charlemagne (charles)duguay
Secondary Family Names: louise chouinard
Time Period: 1800 -1850
Particulars: charlemage (charles)duguay is registered with the gaspe land commission(volume 80- page 510- micro- c-97)- I am unable to acceess-- I have charles son romain on the 1871 census but not charles or his wife louise chouinard- . They had sons romain/pierre/gedeon/david/venerance, also martha & henrietta. I have found all the children but not the parents- in order to get back another generation- thanks

Name: Betty Garrett Grant
Time/Date Entered: 12:11 PM  -  14 Feb 2013
Gaspe Connection: self/ ancestors since 1784
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle, New Richmond, Pabos, Cape cove
Primary Family Names: Garrett, Burton, McLellan,
Secondary Family Names: Sawyer, Caldwell, Kerr, Hardy, Almond, Delaney
Time Period: 1784-present
Particulars: My Earliest Garrett ancestor was William(1748-1844)who arrived in 1784 on the sneau Liberty, after serving 7.5 years in the 29th reg. of foot. Any connection with other of his descendants much appreiated as well as any info on his origins. My earliest Burton is Edward who arrived in the 1810-20 era from Whitehaven England. Any connection with other of his descendants much appreiated as well as any info on his origins. My Earliest McLellan ancestor was John "the Jailer" from Ayrshire or Stranraer Scotland. Any connection with other of his descendants much appreiated as well as any info on his origins.

Name: Jeremy Dann
Time/Date Entered: 11:50 AM  -  28 Jan 2013
Gaspe Connection: Grand Uncle
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Dann, Beauchamp & Broom
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1880s to 1890s
Particulars: My grand uncle, John Watson DANN (born 1860 in Cambridgeshire, England, married a Micmac who came from the Gaspe region. Her first name, I believe, was Maria. They later moved to Hull, Quebec, and he died in the great fire there in 1900. It appears they had three children: Joseph, Annie and Lizzy. Back in May 2003, a Malcolm MacPherson left a message on the Gaspe Genealogy Register asking for help. Unfortunately, his email address is no longer working. Any help contacting Malcolm or other relatives would be much appreciated.

Name: Glenn Mitchell
Time/Date Entered: 4:36 PM  -  27 Jan 2013
Gaspe Connection: Mother and Father
Town/Village/Area: Barachois and Bridgeville
Primary Family Names: Mitchell/Michel and Francis
Secondary Family Names: Michel, Francis, Rail, Briand
Time Period: 1800-1990
Particulars: My fathers name was Marcus Mitchell/Michel 1919-2002 My mother's name was Marie Alberta (Bertha) Francis 1922-1999 Marcus' mother was Catherine (Jenny) Briand 1896-1987 Marcus' father was Richard Mitchell/Michel 1889-1981 Bertha's mother was Georgina Rail 1886-? Bertha's father was Philip Francis 1876-1939 I would like to search back both of my mother and father's ancestors

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