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Name: Jessica Misson
Time/Date Entered: 4:24 PM  -  8 Dec 2014
Gaspe Connection: Parents both from Gaspe
Town/Village/Area: Mal Baie
Primary Family Names: Misson, Comeau
Secondary Family Names: Boyle
Time Period: 1700 to Present
Particulars: I have trace my mothers side of the family to David Misson and Jane Element who we think came here from Jersey. No luck at all with Dad's side of the family the Comeau side. Any help would be appreciated

Name: debbie blake
Time/Date Entered: 4:19 PM  -  23 Oct 2014
Gaspe Connection: huard family
Town/Village/Area: bonadventure
Primary Family Names: nazaire huard
Secondary Family Names: angelique paquet, rose glazer
Time Period: 1820-1891
Particulars: looking for birth parents of nazaire huard, born bonadventure, 1828-1830

Name: Patricia Mahoney
Time/Date Entered: 9:11 PM  -  17 Oct 2014
Gaspe Connection: Mother born in Chandler Blandina Sutton
Town/Village/Area: Chandler
Primary Family Names: Sutton
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: I am looking for information on where I could find a marriage register for May 23, 1953 in Chandler for my parents Blandina Sutton and Joseph Arsenault

Name: Francis Santerre (mothers name:Carbonneau)
Time/Date Entered: 10:04 AM  -  24 Sep 2014
Gaspe Connection: grandmother and grandfather
Town/Village/Area: St-Georges-de-Malbaie Val d espoir Grande rivière
Primary Family Names: Carbonneau Mercier
Secondary Family Names: Collin Couture Mc Koy
Time Period: 1890 1950
Particulars: mother Suzanne Carbonneau grandmotherJeannine Mercier (daughter of Alfred Mercier and Rita couture) grandfather Albéric Carbonneau (son of John Carbonneau and Diane Collin) Annie Mc Koy is the mother of John Carbonneau Looking for any information about my family

Name: Dawn Patterson
Time/Date Entered: 9:53 PM  -  5 Sep 2014
Gaspe Connection: Paternal grandfather
Town/Village/Area: Sandy Beach; Haldimand
Primary Family Names: Patterson, Vardon, de Roy
Secondary Family Names: McRae, Ascah
Time Period: 1765 to 1950
Particulars: I have researched my line from my grandfather, Leonard Norman H Patterson, who was born in 1920 and christened in Sandy Beach, Gaspe back to Jon Paterson in 1764. My g.grandparents were John Charles Patterson and Sarah Vardon. My gg.grandparents were John Thomas Patterson/Frances Green and John G. Vardon/Phoebe de Roy. Connection with the family was severed between my father and his sometime during the 1960's. I never met my grandfather and would like to connect with family members I didn't know I had.

Name: Dave Leclair
Time/Date Entered: 2:24 PM  -  1 Sep 2014
Gaspe Connection: Ambroise Comeau
Town/Village/Area: Carleton
Primary Family Names: Comeau
Secondary Family Names: Clerc
Time Period: 1704 -1780
Particulars: Research

Name: Marlene Dupre Hyde
Time/Date Entered: 11:50 PM  -  26 Aug 2014
Gaspe Connection: All family born there.
Town/Village/Area: Barachois/Riviere Renard/Cap Rosier/Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Despres/Girard/Bond
Secondary Family Names: Boucher/Henley/LeMesurier
Time Period: 1845-present
Particulars: Grandfather George Amedie Despres b.Riviere Renard. Parents Augustin & Eveline Bond Despres. Other children Vilda married Richard Mathurin. Arthur m. Leda Bernachetz. Grandfather Pierre Albert Girard b. Barachois. Married Dimple Rachael Boucher. Her parents Randolph & Rachel Henley Boucher.

Name: Dr Streven Hymovitch
Time/Date Entered: 6:02 PM  -  19 Jul 2014
Gaspe Connection: My mother , aunts and uncle were born there.
Town/Village/Area: Mal Bay
Primary Family Names: Duncan
Secondary Family Names: Girard
Time Period: 1880-1940
Particulars: Joseph Alexander Duncan was my grandfather.

Name: Mary Lee Connolly
Time/Date Entered: 10:15 AM  -  14 Jul 2014
Gaspe Connection: ggrandfather
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Brothers
Secondary Family Names: Kirouac
Time Period: 1883-1900
Particulars: see previous

Name: Mary Lee Connolly
Time/Date Entered: 10:10 AM  -  14 Jul 2014
Email: gl_birkett
Gaspe Connection: Joseph Brothers
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown
Primary Family Names: Brothers , Brother
Secondary Family Names: Murry , Kirouac
Time Period: 1883
Particulars: My g grandfather was Joseph Brothers His daughter Kathleen Brothers, born 1899 or 1900 in Douglastown was my grandmother. Her mother was Joseph's second wife , Margaret Kirouac (married1887) They had 9 children; 6 girls, 3 boys. My grandmother says Joseph had a brother Jack in Montreal. The verbal story is that they came from Southern Ireland.myxoller I am trying to find out Who arrived from what part of Ireland , in what year.

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