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Name: Mara Eden
Time/Date Entered: 1:45 AM  -  14 Oct 2022
Gaspe Connection: Whorwell Lloyd Eden
Town/Village/Area: Wakeham
Primary Family Names: Eden
Secondary Family Names: Patterson, Smith
Time Period: 1760-present
Particulars: My Grandfather was Whorwell Lloyd "Red" Eden, Son of Roderick Francis Eden (Son of Francis George Eden & Edith Myra Eden) & Lauretta May Smith (Daughter of Andrew James Smith & Jane Annabella Astles)

Name: Posie Douthwright
Time/Date Entered: 4:47 AM  -  19 Aug 2022
Gaspe Connection: Beatrice May Billingsley b. 1906(grandmother)
Town/Village/Area: New Carlisle
Primary Family Names: Billingsley, Delaney, Starnes, Jacobsen
Secondary Family Names: Smith, Sherar, Nelson
Time Period: 1900 on
Particulars: I am especially interested to find information on my grandmother Beatrice May Billingsley, born 12 Mar 1906, who gave birth to my mother Betty Douglas (known as Rosie Buttle) 2 Apr 1920. My mother’s father was known to be Herbert Stanley Jacobsen, born 24 Oct 1901, although they never married, and he left for Washington state shortly after my mother’s birth.

Name: Donna Howell
Time/Date Entered: 8:21 PM  -  3 Aug 2022
Gaspe Connection: Howell
Town/Village/Area: Douglastown, Sandy Beach
Primary Family Names: Howell, Walsh,
Secondary Family Names: Price, Kennedy
Time Period: 1825-2010
Particulars: Putting a family geneology of Irish ancestry migrated to Gaspe in 1825.

Name: samantha leggo
Time/Date Entered: 8:22 PM  -  13 Jun 2022
Gaspe Connection: family
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Paul Leggo Francis Leggo
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1920,s
Particulars: Trying to find family of the LEGGO's who are part of my Indigenous family. I was told we had a chief in our family. Please email me if you can help Thanks Samantha Leggo

Name: Beverley Wylie
Time/Date Entered: 2:48 PM  -  20 May 2022
Gaspe Connection: Born in Shigawake
Town/Village/Area: Paspebiac, Shigawake, Port Daniel, New Carlisle,
Primary Family Names: Wylie, Benwell, Huntington, Sullivan, Dow
Secondary Family Names: Smith, Beebe, Chatterton, Flower, Teague, Travers
Time Period: 1784-1950
Particulars: Parts of family came after American Revolution to Bonaventure. Other came directly from British Isles.

Name: Darlene McRae Young
Time/Date Entered: 7:31 PM  -  19 May 2022
Gaspe Connection: Both parents were from Gaspe. Hometown and port da
Town/Village/Area: Hometown, port daniel, new carlisle
Primary Family Names: McRae, Dow,
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 
Particulars: I am collaborating with a genealogist from to trace my McRae paternal line as far back as possible through the paternal (male) line. I don’t have a brother or father to contribute a dna sample. I am looking for a male McRae who is related to my grandfather Emory McRae. 1900-1973 It has to be related through the male line. I would provide the dna test and only ask that I have access to the results for tracing peruses.

Name: Georgina Bergan Shumway
Time/Date Entered: 5:03 PM  -  2 Feb 2022
Gaspe Connection: Elise Belange
Town/Village/Area: Menifee, California
Primary Family Names: Robinson, Castonguay
Secondary Family Names: 
Time Period: 1600-2022
Particulars: Have visited Mont Louis area several times and met many related family members. Would like to access burial records from the first cemetery in Mont Louis.

Name: Mary Judy Connors
Time/Date Entered: 6:09 PM  -  26 Jan 2022
Gaspe Connection: born here
Town/Village/Area: Bonaventure
Primary Family Names: carey o connor connors
Secondary Family Names: power ellsworth
Time Period: 1780- present day
Particulars: Research

Name: Richard Dakin
Time/Date Entered: 5:39 PM  -  9 Jan 2022
Gaspe Connection: grandmother and great grand father
Town/Village/Area: Gaspe
Primary Family Names: LeLievre, Lancup
Secondary Family Names: lankopft Stibre
Time Period: 1700
Particulars: mostly trying to find the history of a hessian soldier that settled on the Gaspe after the American revolution. He married Felicite Stibre and had two sons. apparently drowned while fishing, and then Felicite Stibre remarried Daniel LeLievre

Name: Dylan Gallagher
Time/Date Entered: 10:50 AM  -  23 Dec 2021
Gaspe Connection: Gallagher Family (1813)
Town/Village/Area: Maria, Gaspe
Primary Family Names: Gallagher
Secondary Family Names: Smith
Time Period: 1813
Particulars: My family put together a genealogy book of our Gallagher family history landing on the shores of the gaspe in 1813 on the potato boats, until present day.

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